Ann Coulter Slammed For Joking On Twitter About Hillary Clinton Being Murdered By Saudis

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Ann Coulter is generating controversy for tweet joking about Hillary Clinton being shipped to the Saudi consulate, insinuating that the Democratic Party may want their former presidential nominee to be murdered.

Coulter made the dig on Saturday in what appeared to be a response to Clinton increasing her public stature in recent months. Clinton’s return has ruffled some feathers in the Democratic Party among those who believe the party should move on to new leaders and let Hillary slip back into the background, and Coulter saw it as a chance to joke about her being killed.

Coulter implied that the Democratic Party may want to see Clinton dispatched of by Saudi murderers.

“BREAKING: Democrat party officials invite Hillary Clinton to cocktails and dinner at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul,” she wrote, referencing the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi consulate earlier this month.

The joke drew an immediate backlash, with many condemning Coulter for using the death of a journalist and U.S. resident as a way to attack her political opponents.

“A man and US journalist was tortured and dismembered and your party is trying to cover it up like we are stupid,” one person replied. “Yet, you have jokes? Always bringing Hiliary (sic) into the equation because you have nothing, zero, except an incompetent old fool in our house.”

The death of Jamal Khashoggi has sparked a political debate within the United States and criticism of Donald Trump and Republicans for what many see as reluctance to condemn Saudi Arabia. Trump initially expressed doubt about whether Saudi Arabia was responsible for his killing, saying they were presumed innocent and adding that he would not want Khashoggi’s murder to interfere with an arms deal with the Saudis.

After the Saudi Arabian government admitted that Khashoggi was killed, Trump said the excuse that he died in a “fist fight” was credible and that the arrest of a group of Saudi agents allegedly responsible was a “good first step.” As the Times of Israel noted, this has now put Trump at odds with much of the rest of his party, as many Republicans have spoken out against Saudi Arabia and called for strong sanctions.

The tweet about Hillary Clinton visiting the Saudi consulate is not the only time Ann Coulter has gotten in trouble for appearing to endorse violence against political opponents. Back in 2016, she also caused a stir by tweeting that she “would like to see a little more violence from the innocent Trump supporters set upon by violent leftist hoodlums.”