Meghan Markle’s Dad Cheated On Her Mom With Sex Workers In Thailand, Says Thomas Jr. Per ‘Radar Online’

It’s hard to imagine the Meghan Markle family drama getting worse or more embarrassing, but that seems to be what’s happening. In the midst of the new royal baby fever, the Duchess’ American family are busy stirring up more problems. This time, the allegations are aimed at dad, Thomas. The bombshell claims were made by Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Jr., who reportedly took a lie detector test about the claims he made, and passed.

This is one of the things Thomas Jr. alleges about his dad, according to Radar Online. And it’s not really pretty, considering that Jr. is claiming that Thomas cheated on Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, with sex workers in Thailand.

“My dad told me about his trips to Thailand when we were out having a couple of beers. He said, ‘You can get two women for the weekend for 50 bucks. The things they will do to you are incredible. You’ll be a changed man.'”

Additionally, Thomas Jr. revealed that Meghan’s dad had a drug habit, which the dad initially described to the media as only involving an “occasional sniff of cocaine.”

“My dad would come home wasted. When Meghan was a baby, he’d be upstairs in the bedroom, and I’d see lines of cocaine on the mirror. I’d see him do it.”

And considering that Jr. took a lie detector test and passed while making these claims, the son wants the dad to do the same.

“I took a polygraph test, now you need to do one!”

It’s hard to know why these claims are being made now, as Meghan is undoubtedly under lots of pressure as she forges ahead during her first international tour. Plus, now that the world knows she’s pregnant, she’s under even greater scrutiny.

Hopefully the new drama doesn’t affect the royal couple. However, in the past, it was rumored that Meghan and Harry got into a bad fight over the family debacle, as described by the Inquisitr. The fight was believed to be the reason the Duchess took a quiet trip to Toronto in late August. Obviously, the two worked things out, and have a lot to look forward to with a little one on the way.

And while Thomas Jr. has a lot to say now, it’s been a little time since anyone had heard from him. Most recently, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha has been stealing the spotlight. The sister took the dramatic step of showing up at Kensington Palace without an invitation, which was concluded after Samantha handed a guard a letter.

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