Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reportedly Got Into A Huge Fight Over Family Drama Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly got into a big fight, and it apparently led the Duchess to leave on a short trip to Toronto on her own, according to Hollywood Life. One of the main issues that Meghan was struggling with is all of the drama that the Markle family is causing. The never-ending stream of negative interviews and public commentary about Meghan by her dad, half-siblings, and even uncle, is supposedly taking its toll.

A source described the reason for the big fight.

“Meghan crying about how trapped she feels by royal rules and Harry venting abut [sic] how mortifying it’s been for him to deal with her family’s constant publicity-grubbing.”

Understandably, Meghan could be buckling under the pressure of all of the negative commentary that’s being sold to the media. Meanwhile, Prince Harry is reportedly lashing out too, because it’s causing a huge amount of embarrassment to the royal family. In the midst of all of this drama, Meghan’s dad, Thomas, continues to go to the media to vent his frustrations and to paint the picture that he is the victim in all of this.

Another point of contention is reported to be Harry’s man cave.

“In the early days, Meghan kept quiet about how much she hated the laddishness and tastelessness of it all. Meghan hoped to get ride [sic] of Harry’s man cave and give their home a classy makeover. Harry is complaining about being a henpecked husband already.”

The man cave is pretty standard, complete with video game systems, sports and beer memorabilia, and a movie screen. Unfortunately for Harry, Meghan reportedly doesn’t see the beauty in his personal haven.

It appears that the marital drama led Meghan to take some time to herself. Some may remember that a little over a week ago, on August 20, many outlets reported that Meghan had jetted off to Toronto on her own via Air Canada. The airline said that they were asked to protect the Duchess’ privacy, detailed Marie Clarie.

At the time, Town & Country refuted the claims, saying that the Duchess was not going to Toronto. The publication cited several royal reporters, who stated that “Meghan isn’t in Canada or LA and won’t be going there any time soon.”

It’s hard to know with complete certainty who is telling the truth, but if the reports of a huge fight are accurate, it would explain why Meghan may have headed to Toronto out of the blue.