Donald Trump Won’t Cancel MAGA Rally During Hurricane Michael So As Not To ‘Disappoint People’

On Wednesday morning, the entire country watched as Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida panhandle as a catastrophic Category 4 storm made landfall. It will continue to plague the southeastern United States for the next few days, and many could be without so much for a long time. All of that isn’t stopping President Donald Trump from carrying on with his plans, though, as he will “probably” still have his MAGA rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night.

According to The Hill, the rally is scheduled to take place in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday evening and will be filled with red hats.

Despite everything that was going on with Hurricane Michael on Wednesday morning, Trump said that he is “probably” going to keep his rally on the schedule. The president simply doesn’t want to upset all of those who have been standing in line and waiting to see him.

“I don’t want to disappoint people. So, we’ll probably go because what are you going to do? Tell thousands of people who’ve been waiting there all night that we’re not coming? That’s not fair either.”

Donald Trump did leave the White House shortly before 4 p.m. on Wednesday and began making his way to Pennsylvania.

Many believe that tonight’s MAGA rally in Pennsylvania could bring about interesting moments on television. The majority of all news segments have been covering Hurricane Michael for days and showing a lot more of it as it made landfall on Wednesday morning.

There is the possibility that there could be a split-screen on some of those networks which show Hurricane Michael damage on one side while Donald Trump’s rally is taking place on the other. Many news outlets have continued to show the storm as it strengthened and the damage it brought forth once it hit the Florida panhandle.

The Hill pointed out that back during the presidential election of 2012, Donald Trump came down hard on then-President Barack Obama for a similar situation. At the time that Superstorm Sandy was hitting the northeastern United States, Obama made a campaign appearance and it drew the anger of Trump.

Donald Trump still has a stop in Ohio on Friday and one planned for Saturday in Kentucky which he could cancel if need be. The MAGA rally in Pennsylvania is going on as planned, though, as he believes it is simply too late to cancel it and “not fair” to those wanting to attend.

If Trump does keep the rally in Ohio on Friday, WCPO states that additional security checkpoints are being put in place and traffic delays are expected.

Hundreds of thousands of people are currently dealing with the damage dealt by Hurricane Michael as it made landfall in the United States on Wednesday. The storm is far from over, though, and could still bring a lot of problems to so many people which will need to be addressed and taken care of. For those wondering, Donald Trump will be in Pennsylvania this evening for a rally that simply wouldn’t have been fair if it had been cancelled.

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