John Kasich Predicts Democrats Will Have A ‘Good Year’

Alex WongGetty Images

Ohio Republican John Kasich predicted Sunday that Democrats will have a “good year,” The Hill reports.

According to Kasich, this is simply the “natural progression of things,” since the opposition party usually does well two years into a president’s mandate.

“The natural progression of things is, when the president’s in two years out, the other party does well,” the Ohio governor said.

But, Kasich also warned that the Democratic Party could ruin its chances of having a good year. The Democrats would do this, according to Kasich, by overplaying their hand, insisting on abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“How good? I’m not so sure, because if their message is abolish and things like that, if — they’re not going to have a big wave.”

Apart from predicting a possible blue wave in November, Kasich called for unification. According to the governor, the United States of America needs to get back together, and move beyond the election.

“I don’t know how big the wave is going to be,” Kasich said, “so we got to see what happens in November, but then we have to move beyond that election and try to get this country unified.”

These comments echo Kasich’s earlier remarks. As detailed by an Inquisitr report released earlier today, the governor seems — unlike many of his Republican colleagues — wary of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The confirmation could, in Kasich’s opinion, turn out to be a “short-term” victory for President Donald Trump.

In the long-term, the president should worry about unifying the country, since Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court means that both the Justice Department and Congress are being disrespected, according to Kasich.


This appears to be a significant departure from the Republican hivemind, which appears to be intensely focused on celebrating the Supreme Court victory. President Donald Trump, for instance, called the confirmation a “tremendous victory” at a Kansas rally.

During the rally, PBS noted, Trump supporters cheered as the president condemned Democrats for what he called a campaign of political destruction, praising Justice Kavanaugh and the Republican Party as a whole.

The Democrats’ chances of taking the Senate are eroding, The Hill notes, but they could take over the House according to expert predictions. Some have predicted that Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the face of sexual assault allegations could rejuvenate and re-galvanize the Republican base, and therefore counteract the “national progression of things,” as Ohio Governor John Kasich put it.

Democrats currently hold a 6.6 percentage point lead over Republicans, according to an average of generic congressional ballot surveys.