Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation ‘Short-Term Win’ For Trump, John Kasich Suggests

The confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court could turn out to be a “short-term win” for President Donald Trump, Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich claims.

“Sometimes you can have a short-term win. In the long term, you have to wonder about the soul of our country,” Kasich opined, according to the Washington Examiner.

According to Governor Kasich, while Kavanaugh’s confirmation may momentarily be good for Trump — and for the Republican Party — it is not good for the United States of America. Kavanaugh’s confirmation, he argues, means that both the Justice Department and Congress are being disrespected. Even the court itself is starting to lose respect, Kasich went on to claim.

“The Congress is disrespected, the press is disrespected, the Justice Department is disrespected, and the court is beginning to lose respect. That is a bad place for our country to be, and we’ve got to stop it.”

The fight over Kavanaugh’s nomination has deeply divided Americans, at least according to The Guardian‘s David Smith. Smith argued in his op-ed that America is now in a state of cold civil war, with partisans on both sides of the divide becoming more aware of the “fault lines.”

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and former Justice Anthony Kennedy swore Brett Kavanaugh in as an associate justice to the Supreme Court late Saturday, amplifying the division Smith that describes in his opinion piece.

Furthermore, as detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, poll after poll has cast Brett Kavanaugh as the most unpopular Supreme Court Justice in modern American history.

Immediately after Kavanaugh’s successful nomination, talks of his impeachment began to ramp up. According to the Washington Post, if Democrats regain control of the House — the only body that can bring articles of impeachment — and it is at least somewhat likely that they would make the attempt.

Some Democrats — Luis V. Gutiérrez of Illinois and Ted Lieu of California — have already publicly flirted with the idea of advancing impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh, the Washington Post noted, and according to Democratic strategists it is only a matter of “who calls it first.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich refused to say whether he was pleased to see Kavanaugh sworn in or not, and did not address the possibility of Kavanaugh’s impeachment. Kasich did, however, suggest that he was “unhappy about the process,” concluding that Americans need to “respect the fact that the Senate made that decision.”

According to CNN, Kasich also argued that Americans are “appalled” over Kavanaugh’s confirmation: “That’s because it’s like, I got to win, and you got to lose.”

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