Homeowner’s Surveillance Video Catches Mailman Urinating On Porch

Surveillance footage has revealed that a mailman dropped off more than just letters and packages during his route around a neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee.

The New York Post reports that a homeowner named Scott Anderson was shocked to find that the postal worker had urinated on his porch as he made his deliveries. The video posted on their site shows the mailman walking from the sidewalk to the porch and spraying what appears to be urine as he makes his way to the mailbox. The porch is dry before he approaches but you can see a trail of liquid behind him as he sorts through the mail and deposits envelopes into the box. He’s also careful to sidestep the urine as he leaves.

According to Fox News, USPS has launched an investigation into the incident.

“We are investigating the actions of our letter carrier revealed in the video,” they wrote in a statement published by Fox. “This behavior clearly does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated carriers in our workforce.”

The postal service also said that they plan to personally apologize to the homeowner.

“We are reaching out to the homeowner to offer our apology and assistance in dealing with this issue,” the statement continued.

The USPS also hinted that the postal worker will be disciplined for his actions as they stated that “appropriate, corrective action” will be taken.

Scott Anderson told Fox 13 Memphis that he’s afraid to touch the mail because it might be contaminated.

According to WGN-TV Chicago, Anderson shared the surveillance video on his Facebook page.

“We just moved in a month ago and my front porch may be a work in progress but however no one deserves this!!” he wrote. “Mailman pissed on our front porch then touched our mail. #memphis.”

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member K. Michelle had a similar experience, VH1 reports. In her case, her porch wasn’t peed on but a young woman decided to twerk on it, not realizing that Michelle was watching her and could speak to her via an app on her phone connected to the camera on the door. She shared the video on her Instagram page. The girl has a clipboard in her hands and may have been collecting responses for a survey. Whatever she was doing, K. Michelle said that she was fed up of her “disrespecting” her home.

“Get the f*** off my porch b*tch,” she shouts, triggering a retreat from the young woman.

As with the case of the mailman peeing on the porch, it’s another reminder to always be respectful when you approach someone’s house. You never know who might be watching.

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