After Police Find Meth On A Man Attacked By An Ax, He Claims A Ghost Planted It On Him

It’s no secret that law enforcement authorities have to deal with various difficult cases on a day-to-day basis, but some cases are quite unusual, especially when they involve supernatural entities.

According to a recent report by Knoe 8 News, authorities arrested a man from Ouachita Parish for possessing illegal drugs and for false reporting related to the presence of a ghost.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the call of a West-Monroe man, who said that he had been attacked with an ax. Authorities said that the man claimed to be “stabbed in the head with a bladed weapon,” per the report.

However, when the deputies from the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, they found the man standing at his front door, cursing at someone or something which couldn’t be seen by anyone else.

Upon seeing the deputies, the man – whom the authorities identified as Michael L. Auttenberry – started cursing at them too. This forced the deputies to place the man in handcuffs to calm him down, as well as for their own safety, the report detailed.

Authorities then started looking for Auttenberry’s reported injuries, but they said that they “found no indication that he had actually been hit in the head with an axe,” the Knoe 8 News report said.

Arrest records also said that the man told deputies that the “intruders” were still inside his house; therefore, they went inside for a search, but couldn’t find anyone.

Interestingly, however, they found something else: a small bag of meth.

Per Knoe 8 News, authorities also found a gram of meth on Auttenberry.

When the authorities started interrogating Auttenberry and asked him about the meth, he said the “intruders or a ghost planted the meth.”

According to Auttenberry’s arrest report, as cited by the River 105.9 Radio,

“Michael stated ghosts or intruders placed the methamphetamine on him, then stated they were currently climbing out the window nearby, which was not accurate. OPSO HQ confirmed tonight’s complaint was called into 911 by Michael, as well as several other complaints which were unfounded upon investigation.”

A somewhat similar incident took place in the U.K. last year, when the Devon County police in southwest England received a call from a “terrified woman,” who claimed that she could “see her children like ghosts,” per the Mirror.

According to the report, police has received calls from people reporting about “ghosts, vampires, zombies and paranormal activity 17 times over the past three years.”

However, police said that the incidents were not indicative of paranormal activity, but according to logs, most cases were related to issues of mental health and alcohol.

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