Alyssa Milano Rips Trump For Mocking Christine Blasey Ford, Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders Out For Defending Him

Saul Loeb-PoolGetty Images

Actress and #MeToo movement activist Alyssa Milano appeared on MSNBC to condemn President Trump for taunting Christine Blasey Ford during a Mississippi rally the evening prior — and to blast the Republican Party for what she sees as a failure to collectively denounce sexual abuse on an institutional level, on Wednesday, October 3.

Since her attendance at Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Milano has reemerged at the forefront of the push to make sexual violence a primary focus among lawmakers and forces overseeing the rule of law in the criminal justice system.

The self-identified Democrat spent much of her Wednesday afternoon working to lift the voices of Kavanaugh dissenters who bear the potential of swaying votes in states such as Alaska, Maine, West Virginia, North Dakota, Arizona, and South Carolina. But in spite of how tireless her Twitter campaign may have shown her efforts to be, Milano had to be exhausted considering she was coming off of a restless night in which she struggled to get any sleep.

During her interview with NBC hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle, Milano claimed to have been kept up by the hard time she had digesting the dismissive tangent she witnessed Trump go on about Ford’s recollection of the alleged Kavanaugh assault. Milano recalled being “filled with a lot of rage” as he went about delivering a portrayal of Ford’s testimony that the 45-year-old actress insists had undoubtedly come across as a mockery. She then expressed the disappointment it left her feeling to hear White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defend the president with the assertion that he was only stating facts.

“I mean, the sky is blue. I can state that fact. But if I do it totally a little off […] I’m mocking someone that may have said that. So, tone is everything right now and we are making a choice,” she posed.

Milano then segued into a rebuke of members of the GOP who continue to vow their support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, before predicting that they will pay for the position they are taking when Americans head to the polls for November’s midterm elections. In actuality, at least four senators have gone public with criticism of the president’s choice of words in Mississippi. According to Time, those four Senate members include Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The positions taken by Senators Flake, Collins, and Murkowski are currently drawing a particularly close degree of attention because each one of them have up until this point remained undecided on how they will side when it is finally time to cast a vote on Kavanaugh.