Brett Kavanaugh Allegedly Sparked Bar Fight During College By Throwing Beer In Man’s Face, Police Report Shows

Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by police after a bar fight while he was an undergraduate at Yale and reportedly threw ice on another patron, a new report claims.

The Supreme Court nominee’s drinking has come under scrutiny after he told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that he did not drink to excess. Responding to claims that he had sexually assaulted women, Kavanaugh denied the claims and said that he was moderate in his drinking. A new report from the New York Times may cast doubt on that claim.

The newspaper found a police record from 1985 in which Kavanaugh, then a junior at Yale University, was questioned by the New Haven Police Department. The report noted that Kavanaugh was accused of throwing ice on a 21-year-old man “for some unknown reason.”

As Bloomberg News noted, Kavanaugh mistook the man for the singer of the band UB40, which had just performed on campus. The man grew angry, leading Kavanaugh to throw a beer in the man’s face and sparking a fight.

The incident led Chris Dudley, a friend of Kavanaugh and member of the Yale basketball team, to hit the man in the ear with a glass, the police report claimed. Kavanaugh was not charged in the incident.

The police report seems to back up statements this week from another Yale classmate that Kavanaugh was not honest with the Senate about his drinking during college. Chad Ludington said that Kavanaugh drank frequently, and he recalled an incident in which Kavanaugh got a mutual friend arrested by his “belligerent and aggressive” behavior while drunk.

“I can unequivocally say that in denying the possibility that he ever blacked out from drinking, and in downplaying the degree and frequency of his drinking, Brett has not told the truth,” Ludington said in a statement to CNN.

Ludington accused Kavanaugh of downplaying the “degree and frequency” of which he drank while speaking to the Senate committee last week.

Other Yale classmates have also come forward to say that Brett Kavanaugh lied about his drinking during college, with many saying that he would often grow belligerent while drunk. As CNN noted, former classmate Liz Swisher made a similar claim.

“There’s no problem with drinking beer in college. The problem is lying about it,” Swisher said in an appearance on CNN last week. “He drank heavily. He was a partier. He liked to do beer bongs. He played drinking games. He was a sloppy drunk. He was more interested in impressing the boys than he was in impressing the girls. I never saw him be sexually aggressive, but he definitely was sloppy drunk.”

The FBI is currently investigating the claims of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh. It was not immediately clear if the allegations of excessive drinking were part of that investigation.

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