WWE Rumors: Neville ‘Went Off The Grid’ After Release By Snubbing Indy Promoters, Per ‘Wrestling Observer’

WWE Rumors: Neville 'Went Off The Grid' After Release By Snubbing Indy Promoters, Per 'Wrestling Observer'

As WWE had released him from his contract last month, former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville has been free for the past few weeks to compete for other promotions. However, the latest rumors suggest that the British wrestler has not been responding to promoters, despite the offers that had apparently been extended to him following his release from WWE.

According to a Wrestling Inc. report that cited the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Neville seems to have “gone off the grid” and has not been responding to promoters in recent weeks. Toward the end of August, PWInsider reported that Neville was spotted in Pittsburgh shortly before his release became official, which was noteworthy because WWE sends its wrestlers for medical testing.

“People ask about Neville all the time and this is the situation as best we can tell,” the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer wrote, as quoted by Cultaholic.

“WWE said that he is free and clear and can wrestle anywhere. He was in talks with some promotions but told them he wasn’t ready to start yet, citing legal issues. He’s then completely gone off the grid and hasn’t responded to promoters as best we can tell.”

Meltzer added that Neville’s countryman, New Japan Pro Wrestling star Will Ospreay, recently challenged the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion to a match at the next WrestleKingdom event in January. But with Neville supposedly having closed his lines of communication with promoters, Meltzer wrote that he has “no idea” whether the 32-year-old wrestler is interested in the match, or ready to do anything wrestling-related at the moment.

Since walking out of the WWE in October, 2017, due to alleged issues with the company’s creative team, Neville has “gone completely silent” on social media and has rarely been spotted in public, Cultaholic wrote. He did, however, appear to be sporting a more muscular frame when a Reddit user spotted him around his hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Commenting on the reasons why Neville might currently be “off the grid,” Uproxx wrote that there are several possibilities, including a desire to take a longer break from the world of professional wrestling. The publication added that there’s a chance Neville signed with an independent promotion and that the company is keeping his debut under wraps to maximize its impact, and that it might even be possible that Neville “reconciled” with WWE and might be due to make a surprise return at some point in the future.