Robert Mueller Gives The Okay To Sentence Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn
mark reinstein / shutterstock

Special counsel Robert Mueller has made the necessary members of the judiciary aware that he is now ready to allow former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to be sentenced. As was reported by AP News, this would close the book on Flynn’s involvement in the Russia scandal, nearly one year after he pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed several times at the request of Mueller as the investigation was ongoing and more time was required with Flynn.

In the latest court filing from the investigation, Mueller stated that no additional time was needed with Flynn, and that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan was free to set a date to sentence him at his earliest convenience. Sullivan has set a date to sentence Flynn on November 28, or the following business week as reported by CNBC. There has been little credible speculation thus far regarding what type of sentence Sullivan may hand down, although it is believed it will be at least a slightly reduced sentence.

Flynn is a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general who became one of the earliest supporters of Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Acting as a surrogate for Trump stumping during his campaign, Flynn became a part of Trump’s inner circle, which in part helped land him the position of national security adviser. With his tenure barely underway, Flynn was fired from his post amid allegations of criminal activity which he subsequently was investigated for and pleaded guilty to per CNBC.

“The former national security adviser pleaded guilty last December to lying to the FBI about the nature of his conversations with Russia’s then-ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, which occurred after the election, but before Trump was sworn in as president.”

Flynn had discussed sanctions placed on Russia for election meddling by then President Barack Obama, but lied to the FBI about them, saying that nothing of substance was talked about. While it is quite a serious charge that could result in five years in prison, due to his cooperation with the Mueller probe, there is the possibility that the term could be shorter than that, but it all depends on Judge Sullivan’s perspectives on the case which are unknown.

CNBC reported that although Flynn felt he did nothing wrong, and did not lie to the FBI, he took the plea deal because “his legal bills were astronomical, as were his son’s, who was also being investigated.” It is unclear if Mueller is fully done with Flynn, or feels he will be prior to the date set for his sentencing. There is some speculation that allowing Flynn to be sentenced is a sign that the Russia meddling investigation is near a close; however, there is no clear evidence of that being true.