Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Don’t Really Pay Attention To Pregnancy Rumors According to ‘Hollywood Life’

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Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married, royal watchers have honed in on Meghan’s belly in an effort to be the first to spot a royal baby bump.

When a recent outing saw Meghan in a blue ruffled dress, the rumor mill went into overdrive claiming that Meghan was now pregnant. The royal couple attended the 100 Days to Peace Gala in London on September 6 and the outfit that Meghan wore led to speculation that the pair were already expecting their first child.

However, images from two days earlier when Meghan and Harry attended the WellChild Awards showed a trim Meghan in black suit pants and a black silk top underneath a jacket. In these images, she did not appear to show any form of a baby bump, so speculation about her pregnancy was just that, speculation. In addition, on August 29, images of Meghan at a performance of Hamilton showed the duchess in a fitted suit jacket that revealed a flat stomach.

When it comes to pregnancy rumors about Meghan Markle, the duchess and Prince Harry don't care
Image of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry taken at a performance of 'Hamilton' on August 29Featured image credit: Dan Charity/WPA PoolGetty Images

But how do Meghan and Harry feel about all the constant rumors?

According to Hollywood Life, the royal pair don’t really pay much attention to what the press and royal watchers are saying about them in relation to Meghan being pregnant.

An unidentified source has reportedly revealed to Hollywood Life that Meghan and Harry are not yet expecting in addition to revealing the new royal couple’s feelings about all those pregnancy rumors.

“Meghan isn’t pregnant, and she and Harry really don’t pay much attention to all the rumors as they accept that it’s just part and parcel of being who they are,” the source claims.

“Meghan knows that everything she wears right now is going to be analyzed for pregnancy ‘signs’ and ‘clues’ as is the way she styles her hair and the way she acts in public – she already has her every move scrutinized though so she’s starting to get used to that whole side of things at last!”

This unidentified source also stated that Meghan and Harry, while not expecting yet, are looking forward to the prospect of being parents.

“Meghan and Harry would really love to have a couple of children in total, a small, loving and close family would be the ideal scenario for them both, and they hope their dream will come true someday soon,” the source said.

Of course, until there is an official announcement from Kensington Palace, royal watchers will just have to continue to wait and speculate.