Lady Amelia Windsor Shares Sponsored Instagram Post

Lady Amelia Windsor recently shared a photo of herself on Instagram. In the photo, 23-year-old Lady Amelia wears a tie-dyed frock and stands in front of two green doors. Lady Amelia is radiant, but there was something else that had fans looking at the image. It says "paid partnership with Michael Kors," and according to Harpers Bazaar, many are wondering if members of the Royal family are actually able to do sponsored social posts.

While Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle don't post anything on social media, Lady Amelia is a social media influencer. According to royal commentator Omid Scobie, her most recent post is completely acceptable.

"In short, there is no actual protocol that applies to this particular case," Scobie said. "While it would be highly inappropriate for a working member of the royal family to accept money for product endorsements, Lady Amelia Windsor is 37th in line to the throne, does not have an official role and doesn't receive any tax-payer funded privileges, such as private protection."

Lady Amelia's sponsored post makes sense to most people. She frequently attends fashion week and has already walked the catwalk a few times. She is currently represented by Storm, the agency that also represents Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss.

"Amelia has collaborated with a number of fashion houses in the past and has modeled for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana," said Scobie. He added that she's interested in fashion and hopes to begin her career in the industry after she graduates from the University of Edinburgh. But Lady Amelia's passions extend beyond the catwalk. In an interview with Vogue UK in 2017, she said that she wants to contribute to the fashion industry in any respect "from the making of the fabrics to the production of a catwalk show."

Lady Amelia is the daughter of George Windsor, the Earl of St. Andrews and Sylvana Tomaselli, a professor at Cambridge. According to Town and Country, her father had to renounce his title when he married Tomaselli because she had been divorced and is Roman Catholic. In 2013, however, the Earl of St. Andrews position was restored because of the Succession to the Crown Act. The act changed the laws of succession so that the line of succession would include the first born child regardless of gender and those who marry a Roman Catholic will not be excluded.