Twitter Rips Into Trump For Promising To Campaign In Texas’ ‘Biggest Stadium’ For Ted Cruz

Two years is a long time in the world of Donald Trump.

Twitter rips into Trump for embracing Cruz.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Two years is a long time in the world of Donald Trump.

Twitter ripped into Donald Trump for his pledge to campaign in Texas’ “biggest stadium” for Republican Senator Ted Cruz, the same man he so brutally vilified during the 2016 Republican primaries, reports the Huffington Post.

On Friday, Trump tweeted that he would be headlining one of the biggest campaign rallies that Texas has ever seen in support of Cruz.

“I will be doing a major rally for Senator Ted Cruz in October,” Trump wrote.

“I’m picking the biggest stadium in Texas we can find. As you know, Ted has my complete and total Endorsement. His opponent is a disaster for Texas – weak on Second Amendment, Crime, Borders, Military, and Vets!”

But Trump’s chest-thumping tweet didn’t go down well with Twitter users, who reminded him of the slew of insults that he had hurled at “Lyin’ Ted” while contesting the 2016 primaries. Trump had called Cruz’s wife Heidi Cruz ugly, promising to “spill the beans” on her, and had even accused the Texan Senator’s father of being involved in the assassination plot of John F. Kennedy.

On a political level, too, Trump had claimed that Cruz was “all talk, no action.”

Cruz had hit back at Trump by calling him a “coward” and absolutely “classless,” before finally putting the nail in their coffin of a relationship by not endorsing him during the GOP convention. Instead, Cruz had asked Republican voters to “vote your conscience” — something which only exacerbated their tumultuous relationship.

This is why it was so hard for some Twitter users to digest Trump’s support of the man, but even more, users were mystified by Cruz’s embracing of the president. Users unearthed old tweets from Trump, showing just how distasteful his attacks on Cruz had been.

To be fair, however, Donald Trump’s relationship with Ted Cruz has not become better overnight. Ever since Trump became president, Cruz has been a strong ally. The favor has been returned by the White House, and in January of this year, Vice President Mike Pence went so far as to call Ted Cruz “the pride of Texas.” A couple of months later in March, Trump officially endorsed him along with seven other Republicans up for elections later this year.

But even so, the overwhelming camaraderie between Trump and Cruz highlight the fact that GOP is facing a tough task to keep its seat in a traditionally red state. Cruz’s Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke, has not only received more funds for his election campaign, he is touted as being perilously close to unseating the incumbent Cruz.

In such a scenario, it seems like Trump and Cruz have no option but to embrace each other despite the acrimony of their past.