Dog Sitters Gone Wild: Owner Comes Home To Shirtless Men, Lube, And A Camcorder

Klete Keller got more than he bargained for when he contracted a dog sitter, who has requested to remain anonymous according to KRON4, to look after his pet while he was away. He booked the dog sitter using an app called Wag!, and it was his first time having a bad experience. Keller returned home early, at about 1 a.m., to find a scene that he could only describe as horrific, accompanied by a smell that he couldn’t exactly identify, but could describe as disgusting.

When Keller walked in his front door, the first thing he reported noticing is that two shirtless men he did not know were sitting together on his couch. As he scanned the room, he then noticed a camcorder on the end table next to an open bottle of personal lubricant. He asked the men to leave his house, which they did comply with after gathering their belongings. Keller told KRON4 that it was pretty self-explanatory what was going on in the house while he was away, but there was still the question of where the dog sitter he contracted was? She was nowhere to be seen.

Before the men left, Keller asked them where the woman he hired to watch his dog was, to which they told him she was in the shower. When the dog sitter was contacted for a comment, she offered what has been described as a “hard to believe” explanation for what was going on.

“To be completely honest, I didn’t have WD-40 and my keys were stuck in my car, so I ended up grabbing what I had in my car, for things, that you know, I do on my personal time and I didn’t think to put it back in my car.”

Keller said that once the dog sitter left, he began the process of going through his house to ensure everything was as it should be. He reported that there were stains on his couch, which he alleges must be from bodily fluids, and that his dog, Jimbo, was locked in the bedroom “sitting in his own urine and acting terrified.” He didn’t report that anything had been stolen or damaged beyond the stains to his couch and carpet.

The dog sitter stated that she took a shower and then sat on the couch while wearing a towel prior to her friends arriving, so that must be where anything resembling a stain comes from. For Keller, it only reaffirmed his suspicions that his house was being used to make amateur adult films. When Wag! was contacted for a comment, they stated that the dog sitter in question had a 4.96-star rating out of five stars based on 305 walks and sittings. They further stated that they would look into the matter independently.

“We have launched an investigation into this incident and have suspended the sitter from our platform. The circumstances around this incident are unacceptable, and we expect everyone on our platform to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The trust and safety of the Wag! community is a top priority, and we are working with the dog’s owner to restore his trust.”