Prince Philip Snaps At Dinner Party Guest When Asked If He Watches Netflix’s ‘The Crown’

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Award-winning, critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II. So far, it has 20 episodes, with more currently in production. Those 20 episodes cover the first portion of the Queen’s life as she ascends to the throne, as she deals with the death of her father, and the difficulties that she faces with her new title.

However, many fans of the drama wonder how accurate Netflix’s portrayal of these events are. While they’re bound to be dramatized to some extent, inconsistencies are a bigger question considering several of the people in the show are still alive today.

One of those people is Prince Philip, who isn’t fond of the show and how it portrays him. While several other members of the royal family love the show, Philip doesn’t take kindly to being asked about it. According to Express, he even snapped at a guest when they brought it up.

When a dinner party guest asked Prince Philip if he watched the show, the Prince allegedly replied harshly, saying “don’t be ridiculous.”

However, he seems to be alone in his dislike for the program. Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, are apparently fans of the show. They even take time to make sure they watch it together and allegedly turned the Queen onto it as well. While she found some moments over-dramatized, she reportedly enjoyed seeing her life played out on screen.

According to Daily Mail, Princess Eugenie was overheard talking about the show.

When asked about the Netflix drama, she said, “Well, my granny watches it and really likes it,” her granny being Queen Elizabeth herself.

Eugenie then went on to add a comment about how Prince Philip isn’t fond of the show, saying, “‘We’ve heard that Philip doesn’t watch it – he can’t be bothered.”

This has only been backed up by recent events. While Philip might not be bothered to re-live his youth through Matt Smith — and more recently, Tobias Menzies — The Crown has thousands of avid fans that are waiting for the next season. Filming for the third installment of the show began in July, and there has since been a shuffle of the cast.

Because the story follows the Queen’s entire life, the actors needed to age in-time with filming. So, many of the major characters had to be re-cast in order to stay accurate. The next season will focus on the next incredible portion of Queen Elizabeth’s life and reign, including events involving Margaret Thatcher and the late Princess Diana.

While the next season won’t arrive until 2019, you can binge what’s already released on Netflix — as long as you’re alright with the idea that Prince Philip won’t be sharing your enthusiasm for the show.