‘Madden’ Gamer Taylor ‘Spotmeplzzz’ Robertson Reportedly Killed In Jacksonville Shooting

Yet another competitive player has been reported dead after the Jacksonville Landing shooting this Sunday afternoon. The shooting occurred at a downtown shopping and dining complex, where qualifying rounds for the Madden NFL Championship Series were being held.

A Twitch stream of the event was being filmed, but little from the shooting was shown before the live feed shut off. However, that has not stopped footage from circulating around various social media sites. One audio recording featured someone shouting “oh f*ck, what did he shoot me with?” where another showed Eli “TrueBoy” Clayton being aimed at with a laser sight.

Preliminary reports determined that of the 11 gamers shot, four have died because of their injuries. The victims’ identities have not been revealed, but there are rumors being passed around Twitter. One suspected victim is Eli Clayton, known more commonly as “True.” Like mentioned above, he was seen on video with a laser on his chest before the shooting began. Inquisitr covered more information about True in a previous story.

Another potential victim of this tragedy is Taylor Robertson, who went by the handle “spotmeplzzz.” According to a tweet by eyewitness Stephen “Noble SteveyJ” Javaruski, he saw both Robertson and Clayton dead when he was able to escape the bathroom.

While being one of the toughest players in competitive Madden NFL circuit, spotmeplzzz was also a 28-year-old father and husband. According to his profile on the website for EA Sports, he had won over $80,500 for his family while playing competitively. He was a well-loved player and friend, and both he and True’s passing are tragedies in their own right.

According to CNN, news of the situation has reached the White House, and President Donald Trump has been briefed on the event. Those wounded during the attack are being transported to the hospital, and several of these people have been reported as in stable condition.

Recent reports state that there was only one shooter, an unnamed white male. He has been reported dead, and is no longer a threat. Rumors about the suspect’s identity and motive are making rounds, with many people claiming David “Bread” Katz pulled out a gun after losing a match. It is currently unconfirmed if he was the one responsible, as the shooter’s identity has not been officially revealed.

There are still many unconfirmed reports about the event, and authorities are working to determine what truly happened. Inquisitr is working to cover the unfolding story and catalog potential victims, and will be posting more information as it comes to light.