New Mike Pence Biography Sheds Unflattering Light On VP

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

For the last few months, the news has been all about Donald Trump while Vice President Mike Pence has waited in the wings, but a new Pence biography is shining a not-so-favorable light on the VP and his sometimes “creepy” behavior.

The book called The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence by Michael D’Antonio and Peter Eisner, published by Thomas Dunne Books, suggests that Pence is just waiting for Trump’s downfall and the interference of the “hand of God” which will elevate Pence to the office of the president, reports the Daily Mail.

The book insists that Mike Pence’s only job as VP is to admire Donald Trump despite how personally objectionable Trump was. Mike Pence’s wife called Trump reprehensible, and there were times during the campaign that the Pences would not take Trump’s calls, according to the book which will be available on Monday.

“He performed this duty consistently despite the fact that the bellicose and chaotic Trump – he of the infamous ‘grab ’em by the p*ssy’ videotape – was so personally objectionable that Pence had considered trying to replace him at the top of the ticket as the 2016 election neared.”

The book suggests that Mike Pence is willing to swallow his pride and endure anything because he has his eyes “laser-focused” on the presidency. The authors say, for now, “humble superiority has been Pence’s default setting during his twelve years in Congress and four as Indiana’s governor.”

As the next in line for office, Pence would be the man tapped if Donald Trump were to resign or be impeached, but Eisner and D’Antonio suggest that he has some serious faults too, and wasn’t well liked in the House of Representatives. They explain that even his own party kept Pence at arm’s length during his terms.

“Pence was five-term member of the House who had focused on climbing the ladder of party leadership but never chaired a major committee or authored a single successful piece of legislation.”

Pence also came down on the wrong side of the controversy about the established fact that cigarette smoking causes cancer after he was given generous donations by the tobacco lobby.

Back in his home state of Indiana, Mike Pence was known as a man who, even as governor, only wanted to work banker’s hours while most people treat the top state job as a 24/7 gig. Ann Delaney, the one-time head of the Democratic Party in Indiana, doesn’t have the highest opinion of Pence.

“My impression of Mike is that he does not like to work very hard, and he’s not that intellectually curious.”

She saw it as egotism when after he was elected governor of Indiana, Pence ordered a vast amount of customized, embroidered clothing with his name and the words “Governor of Indiana” with stars and the state symbol. She threw some additional shade, adding that he doesn’t get his information from a wide number of sources.

“I mean the Bible is nice. I’m happy for him that he reads the Bible. But he needs to read other things besides that. It’s my impression that he doesn’t.”

But the thing about Mike Pence that many people called “creepy” was his habit of coming up behind men and massaging their shoulders.

John Krull, who had been with The Indianapolis News, said that it made many people uncomfortable when Pence would sneak up behind them and grasp their shoulders.

“Grabbing, a real quick grasping thing. That’s not something I would do with someone else without an engraved invitation.”