Donald Trump Secretly Installed A Tanning Bed In The White House Over Objections Of Staff, Omarosa Claims

Carolyn KasterAP Images

Donald Trump secretly installed a tanning bed in the White House and even fought with an administration official to have it put in place, a new book claims.

Omarosa Manigault Newman went from the fan-favorite villain on The Apprentice to a top aide to Donald Trump in the White House. Now free from the Trump administration, she is opening up in a tell-all book that reportedly claims the president is keeping a secret tanning bed inside the historic residence. Though the book is not yet released, the Washington Post has shared some excerpts that include the claim about the tanning bed.

“She alleges in the book that there is a tanning bed in the White House residence and says the president fought with the now-departed chief usher over its installation,” the report noted. “Other aides say they have not seen a tanning bed in the White House.”

There are a number of other sordid allegations in the upcoming book, including that Trump used racist language while on The Apprentice and that Trump’s administration tried to keep Omarosa quiet with a $15,000-per-month hush money payment, which she said she refused. Critics say that would constitute an illegal campaign contribution.

As New York Magazine noted, the allegation that Trump is keeping a secret tanning bed in the White House could be the juiciest of all the allegations.

“If Omarosa can verify that tanning bed allegation — and prove, once and for all, that Donald Trump’s gorgeous skin tone is not 100 percent natural — then her book’s release could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency,” the tongue-in-cheek report noted.

The claim that Trump installed a tanning bed was met with pushback from some White House officials, who said they never saw such a bed. One unnamed official told the Daily Mail that if there really was a tanning bed in the White House, Trump would have bragged about it by now.

“Are you kidding me?'” asked the aide, who worked in the White House at the same time as Omarosa. “If that were true, he would have tweeted about it by now and challenged Putin to get one.”

A separate White House aide told the New Yorker that there is no tanning bed and has never been one, the Daily Mail noted.

Donald Trump has not made any public comment about the allegations he had a tanning bed installed in the White House.