Jean Pierre Ndossoka Accused Of Murdering His Two Young Children, Calling Wife To Say He ‘Left Her A Present’

Houston PoliceAP Images

Jean Pierre Ndossoka of Houston has been taken in custody after confessing to the murder of his two children Saturday. Marcel was his 8-year-old son, and Anna-Belle was his 1-year-old daughter. The Houston Chronicle reports that Ndossoka’s estranged wife, Sabine Ntongo, dropped the children off at Ndossoka’s apartment for visitation on Saturday. He called her multiple times through the morning and into the afternoon. When she finally answered his call about 3:30 in the afternoon, Ndossoka told her that he had killed their children and “left her a present” according to court records. He told her that she would find a key under the mat and that she should use it to let herself into the apartment so she could retrieve her gift. When Ntongo arrived, she found both children laying dead on a bed with their throats slashed. She immediately called 911.

At the crime scene, police discovered a note that had been handwritten in French and a bloody knife near the bed where the child lay dead. In the note, Ndossoka indicate that he had intended to die with his children and told his wife that she would “carry the burden” of the children’s souls. He did not die with his children, however, and after obtaining a description of his vehicle, they launched a search for Ndossoka. Police searched for him until about 1 a.m. Sunday when they found him in his car in Pasadena with a self-inflicted gunshot wound that he had likely intended to be fatal. He was taken to Clear Lake Regional Hospital in stable condition and remained there until Wednesday.

When police began questioning Ndossoka, he first claimed that he had no memory of what had happened. He eventually confessed to killing the two children but initially said that he had choked them to death. He later admitted stabbing them and writing the note he had left for his wife to discover. Ndossoka also revealed the last words of his two children. The father said that 8-year-old Marcel cried and said, “Daddy, I’m sorry,” before he killed him. One-year-old Anna-Belle said nothing but just cried.

Ndossoka, 61, has been charged with two counts of capital murder and could face the death penalty if convicted of the crimes. He and Sabine Ntongo have been married for six years and recently separated. He didn’t appear to have a criminal history in the county in which he killed his children.