Nudists Evicted From Hawaiian Rental Home Per Judge’s Order

The tenants alleged naked parties disturbed neighbors.

Eviction Order
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The tenants alleged naked parties disturbed neighbors.

A judge in Hawaii has decided that the tenants who rented a home in Upper Nuuanu and then allegedly held naked parties in it can be evicted by the property’s landlords.

The decision, which came after a month of hearings, was made official on Thursday, August 2, based on lease violations, multiple disturbances, and because they were allegedly running an advertised business, iPartyNaked, out of the home, which they dubbed Freedom House.

According to Hawaii News Now, neighbors had complained about various activities that supposedly took place at the home, including Naked Taco Tuesday, naked yoga, strange screams, and sounds, and a mysterious car fire.

Retired military chaplain David Brown, who lives next door to the nudists, told the website that he had filed numerous police complaints about the tenants. However, after one particular call and the subsequent visit to the residence by the authorities, the people in the house just kept partying.

“After the police left, the music went back on, and then [there were] very strange animal noises, moaning like wolf howling sounds [coming from the home],” he recalled.

One of the tenants, Amy Highmoor, said that the property manager, Sakuma Realty, is just retaliating because she had complained to them about the condition of the home.

As for the neighbors? She claimed they simply don’t understand the alternative lifestyle she leads, and have “brutally harassed” her to the point where she is “scared” to sleep at night.

“I’m a naturalist,” she explained. “This is my religion, and I have a right to be nude. I am not offensive.”

Tenant Brent Thomas claimed they are not running a business inside the home and that iPartyNaked is just a website he created to have like-minded people come together.

Judge & Gavel
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David Brown was happy that the judge sided with the plaintiff.

“I believe good for my family, [and] our neighborhood,” he said. “So we are very pleased with the ruling.”

The date the tenants have to move out by will soon be decided.

Furthermore, police are still investigating allegations of criminal activity — prostitution, sex assault, and child sex crimes — at the rental home.

A June report on Hawaii News Now said that one case officials are looking into involves a mother who said her 5-year-old daughter witnessed sex and nudity at the home when she visited it with her father.

Another case involves a woman, Shay Bonds, who said she had attended Freedom House parties when they took place in Kahala and claims she was sexually abused and also saw people exchanging money for sex.