Brandon 'Greasy Bear' Davis Arrested For DUI After One-Car Crash

Brandon Davis, aka Greasy Bear, was involved in a single car crash last night that ended in a DUI arrest. The oil heir, who has had trouble in the past with the law (he was arrested for battery and cocaine possession in 2011), was arrested this morning after he was taken to the hospital Thursday night after rolling his car.

Davis allegedly had dinner earlier in the evening at Matsushia with professional hockey player Mike Comrie (Hillary Duff's ex-husband), and the two were drinking wine.

According to US Magazine, Davis was "very responsive" when he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, despite rolling his Mercedes sedan several times. After being released from the hospital, he was arrested for DUI.

Hollywood Life says that his Mercedes was destroyed in the crash.

"Brandon's car was the only one involved in the crash, and his Mercedes was reportedly completely wrecked after the accident, according to TMZ. The site reports that the whole front, right side of the car was torn right off in the wreck."

In the 2011 cocaine case, Davis pleaded guilty, and was entered in a drug diversion program.

"Brandon is good friends with Paris Hilton and is probably best known for calling Lindsay a 'firecrotch' in an infamous video rant back in 2006. His grandfather, Marvin Davis, who died in 2004, made a massive fortune in the oil business, which is how Brandon has been able to live his luxurious lifestyle. He'll hopefully have to pay for this one with his TIME rather than money, though — drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous and should not be gotten away with. Luckily Brandon is okay and no one else was involved this time, but there's no telling what could happen if he decides to take this route again."

The Daily Mail says that Davis seems to have a difficult time staying out of trouble.

"Last year Davis was accused of beating up actor Jeremy Jackson in a bloody brawl during a party hosted by Paris Hilton. His brother Jason also has had a well-documented battle with drug addiction and was previously arrested on a substance abuse related matter after he completed a season on the popular reality TV show Celebrity Rehab."

Their mother, Nancy Davis, has acknowledged that her sons are addicts.

Gossip Cop says that Davis had legal trouble of a different kind last year, when the court forced him to pay an over $300k debt to a casino.

TMZ is reporting that in the accident, Davis allegedly cracked a vertebrae, but that didn't keep the police from arresting him after a blood alcohol test was over the .08 limit.

"Davis, ex BFF of Paris Hilton, was driving through one of LA's canyons when he smashed into something so hard... it tore off the front, right side of his Mercedes sedan. Davis was injured in the wreck and had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital."

The Daily Mail is also reporting that Brandon's brother Jason (Gummy Bear) has also been dodging the law after several drug arrests. Jason Davis was arrested days after he completed Celebrity Rehab. The brothers have been long-term friends with Nicki and Paris Hilton, nieces of Kim Richards, who is also the aunt of the Davis brothers.

Are you surprised that Brandon Davis has been arrested once again?

[Photo courtesy of Andrew Walker/Getty Images]