Man Breaks Into Auto Dealership And Steals Car, Leaves Poop As A Deposit

When Christoper Rosati of Merrimack, New Hampshire, allegedly broke into an area dealership, he may not have had a very solid plan for pulling off his heist. The 26-year-old is alleged to have broken into the First International Auto Group in Merrimack, New Hampshire, at 11:23 a.m. Monday. What he did once he was inside was not the usual robbery scheme.

It is alleged that Rosati tried his hand at safe-cracking, only to find out that particular skill wasn’t something he was adept at. It is reported that he caused general mischief, which he was charged with, while inside the dealership. Unable to locate any cash or reasonably-sized valuables to complete his heist, Rosati decided that he was going to have to take a car to make the excursion worthwhile.

Before he did that, however, he decided to leave a deposit for it by defecating on the showroom floor. It is not clear if Rosati did this out of anger, to be humorous, as a genuine down payment, or just because he really had to go. Rosati offered no comment regarding it at his bail hearing.

Upon stealing a vehicle, according to WMUR 9, Rosati is alleged to have struck several vehicles including a Mercedes on the lot while making his getaway, causing minor to moderate damage. Rosati didn’t get too far with his new ride, a Scion, as Nashua police apprehended him without a struggle. The car was located in the general area with damage consistent with what would have been caused by his getaway fender-benders on the car lot. The vehicle was not reported in association with any other crimes on the Nashua court dockets.

Rosati was arraigned on Tuesday, according to NECN, in Hillsborough County Superior Court and moved to Valley Street Jail in Manchester where he is being held without bail. Rosati had a previous burglary charge on his record and was at the time of his arrest already out on bail for that. Rosati is currently being held for breaking the terms of his previous bond, plus criminal mischief, burglary, and theft.

Representatives of First International Auto Group in Merrimack had no comment on the incident. According to The Nashua Telegraph, Rosati has been allegedly linked to several crimes in the area over the past week, but no charges have been filed on them yet. Rosati was identified, in part, using footage from his Currier Orchards break in a little over a week earlier.