CM Punk's UFC Debut Postponed Due To Injury

Former WWE superstar CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, is bound to make his debut in the UFC, but nobody is sure when he is supposed to have his first fight. Now, it is safe to say that CM Punk won't be making his debut anytime soon because he suffered an injury, and this will leave Punk sidelined for a bit, according to MMA Junkie.

As for how Punk got the injury, it occurred while he was training. Punk ended up injuring his shoulder, so the 36-year-old will be out for around a month.

According to ESPN, CM Punk will go and see a physician in about a week. The doctor could end up clearing Punk, which means he could be back at the gym and training for his debut in the UFC.

Late last year was when the UFC decided to sign Punk, and this was regardless of the fact that Punk has never competed in MMA or ever had an amateur or professional bout. However, he has been training at a well-known place, the Roufusport Academy in Milwaukee. This is the same academy that has long been home to Anthony Pettis, the former UFC lightweight champion.

Duke Roufus, a top trainer, said that Punk found himself in a scramble, and as a result he is taking some time off. Rofus continued to say that before the injury occurred, CM Punk was doing great and he had been making good progress. He added that CM Punk has a good attitude and he works hard, and that he is in this thing to win it. CM Punk is taking his training very seriously because he got himself a place in Milwaukee and he lives there all week when he is there training.



Before they resume training Punk, the academy wants to make sure that he is 100 percent healthy. Rofus said that since there is no date set for Punk to make his UFC debut, there is no need to force the issue.

It is no secret to MMA fans and fans of CM Punk that Roufus wants Punk as prepared as possible before he steps foot into the UFC Octagon for the very first time. As for how close Roufus thinks Punk is, he believes he is at 50 percent. He said:

"He's about at 50 percent. But that being said, remember that my 100 percent is a very well-prepared person."
In regards to how far in advance the UFC will book CM Punk, Roufus thinks there is a good chance that the organization will book Punk 3-4 months in advance, and that is because of who he is. The trainer said they had a ballpark of when the former WWE superstar would make his debut, which was sometime in the spring, but the injury pushed the debut back a month, according Roufus.

Back in June, the president of the UFC, Dana White, said that CM Punk could make his debut in early 2016. According to Bleacher Report, White didn't go into great detail, nor did he provide a specific date for his fight.

As Inquisitr previously reported, Punk was once asked when he would be debuting, but he said that the decision was up to his coaches. At that time, he said that it would be his coaches that would decide when he is ready to get inside the UFC Octagon.

Punk is expected to make his UFC debut as a welterweight (170 pounds), and as for his opponent, nobody is certain who that will be. However, it may end up being Cathal Pendred, who is a welterweight with a professional of 17-3, and he has been talking trash about the former WWE superstar for months. For now, fans will have to wait until Punk is healed up and wait until the UFC announces who his opponent will be.

[Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]