Rick Ross Drive-By Shooting: 50 Cent Says Rolls Royce Crash Was ‘Staged’

Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Rick Ross drive-by shooting has been called out as “staged” by famous rapper 50 Cent. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rick Ross may have been in his Rolls Royce early in the morning when gunfire forced the driver to crash into a building. Police have withheld the names of the occupants of Rick Ross’ Rolls Royce but eye witnesses claim they saw Rick Ross himself.

An NBC affiliate in Fort Lauderdale reports what occurred according to witnesses:

“Police officials say shots were fired around 5 a.m. in the area of Southeast 15th Avenue and E. Las Olas Boulevard … The Rolls Royce was traveling eastbound on Las Olas when another vehicle opened fire on it, police said … When the Rolls tried to get away, it crashed into the building at 311 Southeast 15th Avenue.”

In the rap music scene, getting shot at and having bullet wound scars used to be seen as a status symbol. If you did not have them then you were not considered to be a gangster with true street credibility. Considering that William Leonard Roberts derived his stage name from drug trafficker Rick Ross, and served as a correctional officer instead of having a background as a gangster, this Rolls Royce shooting would potentially raise the rapper’s profile.

Because of this, 50 Cent is claiming that Rick Ross staged the drive-by shooting since he could not see any bullet holes in the photos posted of the car. 50 Cent and Rick Ross have reportedly been at odds for quite a while now, with Rick Ross saying that if he ever ran into 50 Cent that wringing his neck “would be an option.”

Death And Taxes points out that high profile events like the purported Rick Ross Rolls Royce shooting are becoming a trend of the past in the rap scene:

“The alleged Rick Ross drive-by is the first high-profile hip hop shooting in a while, following the 2010 death of Hot 97′s ‘DJ Megatron’ and last year’s shooting of rapper M-Bone as he was leaving the studio. But the days of rap’s top players falling like dominoes seemingly every other day do feel like a bygone era at this point.”

Do you think 50 Cent is correct that Rick Ross staged the Rolls Royce drive-by shooting?