Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Has Made Some Big Changes After Shuffling His Cabinet On Wednesday

On Wednesday (July 18), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a major cabinet change as he shuffled around some ministers who are current, while also placing a small number of MPs inside his cabinet.

As the Straits Times reports, the 2019 election is fast approaching and the ruling Liberals are facing fierce opposition from the Conservatives. By making 11 changes to his cabinet, Trudeau’s front bench is looking even more impressive, and he will now have the cabinet that he would like to usher him into the upcoming election.

When the results of a Nanos Research poll were reported to the press on Tuesday, these polls indicated that figures for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party currently stand at 37 percent, while the Conservatives have managed to nudge very close to this figure at 35 percent.

If the election were to be held today, Trudeau could end up with a minority government which would seriously harm his political and humanitarian agenda, not to mention the fact that he would be forced to govern with opposition parties.

After the ceremony at Rideau Hall to swear in new members of his cabinet, the PM noted that his team were working hard to ensure that Canada will forge new trading partnerships in the future, along with fashioning an economy that will create prosperity for all classes of people, according to CTV News.

“Whether we’re diversifying our trading partnerships, expanding tourism, or promoting Canadian exports, our focus will be on creating new jobs and opportunities for the middle class and for people working hard to join it.”

Justin Trudeau also stated that Canadian borders were of the utmost importance to the Liberals, calling it a “top priority,” and discussed the handling of border security in conjunction with the rising number of asylum seekers and migrants.

When the subject of Conservatives working at the provincial level came up, Trudeau relayed a conversation he had had earlier with Bill Blair, the new minister of border security, who cautioned the PM that “the number one enemy of public security is fear.”

Speaking on the subject of fear, Justin Trudeau acknowledged that in some cases there may be a genuine reason to have these feelings, and explained that Canadians must be made to feel safe and know that the government is properly looking out for the security of the country.

“When Conservatives across the country are playing the fear card, we need strong reassuring forces to counter that and demonstrate that the safety and security of Canadians and their communities is something that we will never flinch on, that we will continue to deliver, and we will deliver in a way that pulls Canadians together instead of dividing them.”

The prime minister would also prefer to be much less dependent on the U.S., which he cites as another big issue, especially considering that 75 percent of the exports coming out of Canada are taken by America.

Now that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has shuffled his cabinet, these are major changes that should have a positive effect as the Liberals go forward into the upcoming election year.

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