Dr. Bumbum On The Run After Patient Dies Following Bottom Enhancement


Brazilian plastic surgeon Denis Furtado, better known as “Dr. Bumbum,” is on the run after a patient died following a procedure to enhance her buttocks. Furtado claims he has performed over 8,000 buttock enhancement procedures during his medical career and regularly appears on television. The 45-year-old Furtado amassed over 650,000 Instagram followers that checked-in to see his latest posts of buttock procedures that he had performed, but the page has now been taken down. In some circles, he was known as one of the rock-stars of Brazilian plastic surgeons. Now that may all be over.

Lilian Calixito, 46, from a neighborhood in Cuiaba in central Brazil, went to Furtado’s apartment in a neighborhood of Barra de Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro to get a buttocks enhancement treatment in the form of an injection of acrylic fillers, according to Newsweek. In Brazil, it is not considered uncommon for doctors to perform procedures like this outside of a clinical setting, although it isn’t encouraged either. Within an as yet undetermined amount of time, she exhibited symptoms that prompted Furtado to take her to Hospital Barra D’Or, where she died a short time later. To this point, no official results on the cause of death have been publicly released, although a serious of cardiac events have been rumored.


Furtado is alleged to have left the hospital and is considered to be on the run. Authorities have picked up and detained his 19-year-old girlfriend in connection with the death as she assisted in the capacity of being one of his nurses. Authorities also detained a nurse that was on hand to assist, as well as Furtado’s mother who is described as a “disqualified doctor,” according to Extra,

It is known that the acrylic glass filler Furtado uses is highly controversial and has been linked to dozens of deaths throughout Latin America, most notably in Venezuela, as reported by Sky News. It is also known that the use of injectable synthetic polymers in some patients can have either sudden onset side effects or side effects that can take up to six months to manifest according to the NIH.


Furtado has been denounced by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, whose president has admitted that the country has a problem regarding cosmetic procedures as reported by Sky News. An arrest warrant has been issued for Furtado by a Brazilian judge. Renowned plastic surgeon Niveo Steffen commented on the situation to Sky News.

“You cannot perform plastic surgery inside an apartment. Many people are selling a dream, a fantasy to patients in an unethical way and people, weakened, are often attracted to low prices, without considering whether or not the conditions are adequate.”

According to The Independent, Mrs. Calixto was a bank manager and is survived by her spouse and two children.