Trump Says He Watched ‘Fake News’ CNN, Calls CNN’s Jim Acosta ‘A Nice Guy’ After Press Conference ‘Takedown’

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Donald Trump revealed that he watched CNN, seemingly to amuse himself about an earlier incident with one of the network’s reporters.

The President stated that he tuned in to the network that he has repeatedly called “fake news” to see if they covered the heated spat he had with CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta during the London press conference where Trump refused to answer his questions.

In a tweet, President Trump praises CNN’s Jim Acosta while criticizing the network’s ratings.

“So funny! I just checked out Fake News CNN, for the first time in a long time (they are dying in the ratings), to see if they covered my takedown yesterday of Jim Acosta (actually a nice guy). They didn’t! But they did say I already lost in my meeting with Putin. Fake News.”

CNN did cover the incident, along with Acosta’s reaction to the President refusing to take his questions and the reporter responded on Twitter.

On Friday, during a joint press conference with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump refused to answer Jim Acosta and spoke over him.

In what the 71-year-old President describes as a “takedown” he responded by calling CNN “fake news” and pointed at Fox News reporter John Roberts saying “let’s go to a real network.”

The Department of Justice announced indictments in the Mueller investigation against 12 Russians, who are accused of interfering with the U.S elections by hacking the networks of the DCCC, the DNC and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton to help elect President Trump.

John McCain and many Democrats have called for President Trump to cancel his Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in light of the indictments. However, the White House confirmed that the summit will continue as planned.

Trump criticized the Obama administration for the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

Trump argues that the hacking took place before he was elected to the Presidential office while tweeting from Scotland. Although the Russian hacks hurt Clinton’s campaign, Trump says Obama did not act because he believed Hillary will win. One of the reported hacks occurred after then-candidate Trump asked Russians to look at Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“These Russian individuals did their work during the Obama years. Why didn’t Obama do something about it? Because he thought Crooked Hillary Clinton would win, that’s why. Had nothing to do with the Trump Administration, but Fake News doesn’t want to report the truth, as usual!”

President Trump said that he will bring up the Russian hacking indictments but assumes Putin will deny the accusations.