Canadian Store Drops Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line

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Canadian department store Hudson’s Bay is the latest retailer to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. According to Canada News on Twitter, the store is not dropping it in protest of the Trumps, but instead because of poor sales.

According to Bloomberg, Ivanka Trump’s company was notified this past fall that Hudson’s Bay would discontinue selling their line. When Bloomberg reached out to Ivanka’s people, they declined to comment. Ivanka’s team also refused to comment when it was dropped earlier in 2017 from various other department stores.

Hudson’s Bay company, which is based in Toronto, also owns the U.S. stores Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, which still carry Ivanka Trump’s line. Many other stores and companies started protesting and refusing to sell Ivanka Trump’s line after her father was elected president. The department store Nordstrom also stopped selling Ivanka Trump’s line in February, 2017, though, similar to Hudson’s Bay, they also cited brand performance and sales. Apparently her father, Donald Trump, did not believe them because he sent out a tweet proclaiming how the company is treating Ivanka unfairly, even tagging Nordstrom in it.


Stores like TJ Maxx, which sells department store related clothing for cheaper prices, also stopped advertising the line in their promotional materials.

After all of the boycotts and refusing to promote the brand, Ivanka Trump’s company decided to take promoting their clothing in their own hands and start selling on their website. Earlier in 2018, the website started allowing customers to purchase her apparel and accessories from the company’s website.

Ivanka Trump
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In 2007, Ivanka started a jewelry line which eventually became the Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories line in 2011. It has been getting quite the backlash since Trump’s presidency, but even before he was elected, the brand was in some turmoil.

Ever since 2016, it seems the company has been increasingly catching more and more fire. According to the Huffington Post, in 2016, her company was sued for stealing shoe designs from a brand called Aquazzura. Also in 2016, the U.S. consumer safety authority recalled women’s scarves the Ivanka Trump’s brand was selling because they did not meet the federal flammability standards for clothing textiles and posed a burn risk.

No word on whether or not Hudson’s Bay other U.S. department stores plan on removing the line from their stores. Ivanka Trump herself, not the line, has been busy on Capitol Hill today trying to push the Perkins Career and Technical Education bill.