Michael Cohen Is Speaking The ‘Real Truth’ To President Trump And Lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Eduardo Munoz AlvarezGetty Images

Michael Cohen has “hit the reset button” and is speaking the “real truth” to Donald Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, sources are telling CNN.

Those close to Cohen claim that Giuliani is playing with fire by asking that the former Trump loyalist “tell the truth” about the meeting at Trump Tower where Russian meddling in the election was reportedly discussed.

Cohen has repeatedly denied that he was involved with the alleged Russian conspiracy during the 2016 campaign. While he has yet to reveal any particulars of the meeting publicly, sources theorize that he may have eye-opening revelations about the meeting to share with investigators.

According to these same sources, Cohen feels that the president and Giuliani are sending him a veiled threat and will continue to call his honesty into question if he opposes them. Cohen is currently directing all questions to his attorney, Guy Petrillo.

CNN‘s sources have not revealed whether Petrillo has taken any meetings with prosecutors in New York, but did say that Cohen refuses to be “a punching bag for anyone’s defense strategy.”

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The Inquisitr recently reported that Giuliani is not worried about Cohen cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“I don’t know what he has to flip over,” Giuliani said on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. “What I do know is there is no evidence of wrongdoing with President Trump. So we’re very comfortable. If he believes it’s in his best interest to cooperate, God bless him. He should cooperate. I think the man has been treated horribly by the people he’s going to cooperate with, but sometimes you have no other choice.”

Giuliani went on to say that if Cohen has no sensitive information for prosecutors and that if he tells the truth, “We’re home free.”

Sources close to Cohen have also said that he feels uneasy about the millions of files and encrypted messages that were obtained in an FBI raid a few months back.

“He knows a lot of things about the president and he’s not averse to talking in the right situation,” a friend also recently revealed. “If they want information on Trump, he’s willing to give it.”

It has remained unclear where Cohen’s loyalty lies after an ABC News interview where he said, “I put family and country first.” This comment opposes his claim that he would take a bullet for the president back in September.