Trump Expected To Be Greeted By ‘Carnival Of Resistance’ During UK Visit

United States President Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive in London on Thursday to meet and visit with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Theresa May. However, up to 200,000 people plan to protest his visit on Friday.

TIME reported Monday that some protesters are calling this a “Carnival of Resistance,” claiming that this anticipated event will go down in history. Various campaign groups will be attending, including the group Stand Up to Trump, whose spokesperson said, “Hundreds of thousands of people have expressed their outrage and opposition to his racism, Islamophobia, sexism, warmongering and climate change denial, and are ready to march together against Trump when he visits.”

British newspaper columnist Owen Jones told TIME, “We need to show the world what millions of people in this country think of the bigotry and the hatred that he represents.”

Jones went on to explain, “We’ve seen the rise of the far right in Britain and Europe, and the one lesson we should learn from history is that when racists and the far right mobilize, you fight back, you don’t let them march and rise to power.”

The Queer Alliance is organizing a drag protest parade in an effort to stand up for human rights, especially the rights of minorities, immigrants, and LGBTQ people. According to the parade’s Facebook event, around 10,000 people are interested in attending.

Another group called Trumpets Against Trump will be performing at the protest, promising to play out of harmony and out of key in an effort to “blast fascism.” The group declared that they are going to play “a drone piece in our lowest notes.”

A Trump Baby balloon is also expected to make an appearance and will be stationed near the Houses of Parliament during the protests. While Mayor Sadiq Khan originally thought the balloon was inappropriate, he has since conceded after facing public pressure. The mayor’s spokesperson remarked that Khan “supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms.”

In anticipation of this event, police from outside of London are being brought into the city to provide security for the president and other protesters.

The London Metropolitan Police released a statement saying, “We are anticipating that people will gather in the capital to demonstrate both for and against the President. The requirements of this complex operation need to be balanced with the right of individuals to freedom of speech.”

The expected cost of this added security is still unknown.

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