July 8, 2018
Rudy Giuliani Isn't Concerned About Michael Cohen

CNN reported Sunday that President Trump's lawyer and former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, claims that he is not worried about Michael Cohen potentially cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Appearing on CNN's State of the Union, Giuliani said, "I don't know what he has to flip over. What I do know is there is no evidence of wrongdoing with President Trump. So we're very comfortable. If he believes it's in his best interest to cooperate, God bless him. He should cooperate. I think the man has been horribly treated by the people he's going to cooperate with, but sometimes you have no other choice."

After an ABC News interview last week, it is uncertain whether or not Michael Cohen's loyalty still lies with President Trump. While on the air, he said, "I put family and country first." This, of course, is contrary to Mr. Cohen's comment back in September suggesting that he would take a bullet for the President.

Since then, however, Cohen has deleted all mentions of President Trump from his social media accounts and avoided demonizing the FBI after they raided his home and office back in April.

Additionally, CNN reported earlier this week that Cohen, "has felt increasingly isolated from the President in the wake of April's raids."

Giuliani, meanwhile, is confident that Cohen does not have any information on the President to give to investigators, adding that, if he tells the truth, "We're home free."

A friend of Cohen recently told CNN, "He knows a lot of things about the President and he's not averse to talking in the right situation. If they want information on Trump, he's willing to give it." Another friend said, "He feels let down by him and isolated by him."

Cohen is reportedly planning to hire trial lawyer Guy Petrillo and has indicated he is willing to share information with federal prosecutors. While Cohen has not be charged with wrongdoing, he is anxious and feels pressure about the millions of files and encrypted messages obtained in the FBI raid a few months ago.


Giuliani also told ABC News that Michael Cohen is not being considered for a pardon. Appearing on This Week, Giuliani said of the President, "You can't abridge your power to do it. That's something you can decide down the road one way or the other," he said.