Dogs Steal Mail Carrier’s Lunch, Then Leave Apology Note

The dog didn’t eat anyone’s homework, but a pair of black 6-year-old Labrador/mastiffs named Bull and Bear did eat the mail carrier’s lunch. When Carol Jordan of Isle of Wight, Virginia, went to the mailbox, she wasn’t expecting to find anything other than the usual bills and junk mail. Instead, she found a note left by her mail carrier, Mary. Jordan said her first thought was, “what have they done now?”

It seems the dogs got a little creative attaining their snacks, and sneaked into the mail carrier’s truck for a little treat. What they found was an egg, some carrots, and some pumpkin seeds. The evidence of the crime is that they spit out two carrots into the grass bordering the driveway. If not for that, the dogs may have gotten away with it, as Jordan joked that they always look guilty when they get up to some trouble.

As far as records show, this is the canine siblings’ first crime, although they have been suspected of stealing table scraps when no one is looking, and they have a long record of frivolous behavior, general mayhem, and inciting smiles in everyone they encounter. The dogs are tough ones to be sure.

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Facing a mountain of evidence, well, two carrots worth, and the note from the mail carrier, Jordan did the only thing she could do in that situation. She wrote an apology note from Bull and Bear, and threw them on the mercy of the court — the mail carrier. It’s what any good defense attorney would do under the circumstances; even Perry Mason would have cut a deal on this. Their punishment was to have the story told on Facebook, to shame them, and replacing the lunch they had snagged from their mail carrier, Mary.

The note that was left for Mary, the mail carrier, posted in part on WATE, gave plenty of people a good giggle.

“My humans said thank you for the note but we didn’t like the note because we got in trouble.” Not too much trouble anyway. In fact their actions have made them a hit, as fans from around the world are commenting on the story and letting the dogs know they are welcome to share lunches with many of their human fans anytime they want.

Neither Jordan, Bull, nor Bear have seen Mary, the mail carrier, since the incident, but they hope she has enjoyed her lunch at Subway. This is further proof that dogs and mail carriers really can be friends.