‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Pressures Nelle As Chase And Jordan Present A Plan To Michael

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show tease that there will be tense moments in play on multiple fronts. Nelle thinks she’s headed toward a happy marriage with Michael, but he’s onto her schemes, and Chase will fill him in on a plan that might take her down. Ava is also ready to put the pressure on Nelle and Kiki is facing tough moments in her battle against Bensch. What else is on the way with the July 6 show?

The latest sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Ava and Nelle will have an encounter and their interactions will be intense. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will snarl that she will defend herself by any means necessary, and it looks like the two will likely argue over the blanket that Ava stashed away. Nelle thinks she has enough information to keep Ava from causing trouble for her, but she may have bitten off more than she can chew in this case.

Michael will meet with Chase and Jordan at the PCPD and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be a discussion about a plan that could take down Nelle. Chase will talk about how Michael “has” to die, and it’s looking like there may be an effort to stage Michael’s death and set Nelle up to take the fall.

How far will Chase and Jordan go in this plan, given that Michael seems ready to do whatever it takes to save his family? General Hospital spoilers hint that Michael will have a plan of his own of some sort and Soap Central reveals that next week, Nelle will be feeling rattled.

The buzz is that actress Chloe Lanier will be leaving General Hospital soon. At this point, the biggest question remaining seems to be regarding whether Nelle will quietly leave town, be killed off, get locked up, or have some other storyline development that resolves this storyline. Spoilers should emerge soon and viewers definitely want to see a payoff here.

Other events playing out during Friday’s show include Griffin urging Kiki to tell Alexis about their night together and Sonny connecting with Jason about a new problem to resolve. Lulu and Maxie will get a visit from KFC’s Colonel Sanders and Peter gets another visit from Wyatt, the young boy who left his bugle behind the last time he was at the cabin.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that there are some juicy developments on the horizon. There are multiple lingering storylines that viewers want to see wrapped up and it sounds as if they may soon be getting their wishes granted, at least to a degree.