Chloe Lanier Leaving ‘General Hospital’: Actress Ready To Depart Role Of Nelle [Spoilers]

Fans love to hate the character of Nelle Benson on General Hospital and spoilers now reveal that those fans will soon get their wish about seeing her gone. According to breaking news reports, actress Chloe Lanier is leaving General Hospital. Given the current storyline, it seems likely that the show will get rid of “Janelle” in some way, rather than recast the character.

Daytime Confidential shared the breaking news about Chloe Lanier leaving General Hospital. They reveal that the actress is anxious to try primetime and movies, as is often the case when actors and actresses decide to leave daytime. Sources for the outlet indicate that Lanier will wrap up filming her scenes this week.

Lanier recently won a Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Nelle, but the character has had General Hospital fans wound up and frustrated for months now. It has been a common theme among viewers posting on social media that they are over anything having to do with Nelle, and if Peter/Henrik were to depart, that would be welcome news by many as well.

What will become of Nelle as Lanier wraps up her time on General Hospital? Spoilers haven’t revealed tidbits on that front yet, but it is easy to see how the path is being laid for a big development now. As viewers have seen, Chase has revealed he has a sordid past with “Janelle” and Michael is on to her schemes, at least to an extent.

Michael just brought up the idea of marriage, leaving many viewers stunned. However, this is surely a plan to draw Nelle in closer, enticing her to let down her guard and make mistakes. Will he expose her before tying the knot? Will she catch on to what he’s doing and regain control of the situation? Will she be killed off or just leave town? What comes of the baby she’s carrying?

So far, General Hospital spoilers don’t detail where this all heads with Nelle as Lanier’s exit looms. SheKnows Soaps notes that if Chloe is taping her last scenes this week, she should wrap her time on-screen around the end of July. That gives the show about a month to lay the groundwork for her exit, however it is set to play out.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see Nelle get knocked down a peg or two and it sounds as if it is finally coming. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers about Chloe Lanier’s departure as they emerge and tune in to ABC weekdays to see what happens next with this storyline.

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