July 1, 2018
Stabbing At Apartment Complex In Boise Injures 9, Suspect In Custody

A stabbing spree last night at a Boise, Idaho, apartment complex injured nine people, including six children. Four victims suffered life-threatening injuries. Timmy Kinner, 30, was arrested in connection with the attack.

The apparent unprovoked stabbing melee is currently under investigation, and the suspect's motives have not been determined.

"The suspect is in custody and being interviewed at this time," the Boise Police Department said on Twitter, per ABC News. "Victim-witness coordinators and counselors are working with the victims and witnesses to provide them services in the days and weeks ahead."

The complex is home to several refugee families. However, Kinner is not a refugee but had been living in the apartment complex since moving from Los Angeles.

On Friday, allegedly Kinner was told to move out of the complex. Police have not said why he was supposedly being kicked out.

At 8:46 p.m. Saturday, police received an emergency call about a man with a knife stabbing people at the Wylie Street Station Apartments. Police arrived and took the alleged attacker into custody, later identified as Kinney.

Stabbing victims were found inside the complex and in the parking lot. The suspect discarded the knife used in the attack prior to his arrest, and police are searching for it in a nearby canal.

"As you can imagine the witnesses in the apartment complex along with the rest of our community are reeling from this attack," said Police Chief William Bones, as cited by USA Today. "This incident is not a representation of our community but a single evil individual who attacked people without provocation that we are aware of at this time."

According to Bones, no other incident in the city's history has involved this number of victims. Bones also noted the age range of victims varies widely.

Located just a few miles from downtown Boise, the apartments are one, two, and three-bedroom units and provide HUD-certified, low-income housing. Northwest Real Estate Capital Group manages the property.

Many refugees in the Boise area come from Iraq, Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Bones said the residents of the Street Station complex are tight-knit and watch out for each other.

Timmy Kinner has been charged with nine counts of aggravated battery and six counts of injury to a child. Any alleged connection Kinney has with the victims is yet to be determined.