CNN Contributor Ana Navarro Slams Melania Trump For Her Border Photo Ops

Ernest Shepard

CNN contributor Ana Navarro is not a fan of first lady Melania Trump. The oft-opinionated Navarro has spoken out against President Donald Trump every time he has done something unpopular. Now she has set her sights on criticizing Melania Trump. Many will say for a good reason.

Ana Navarro recently slammed Melania Trump, according to Bustle. During a segment on CNN, Ana Navarro accused Melania Trump of turning her trips to the U.S.-Mexico border into staged photo opportunities.

"The very first question that Melania Trump asked when she went on a visit to the border was 'I really don't care, do you?' That was the very first question she asked. I'm a little over these staged photo ops. I'm a little over, I'm a little unaffected by hearing that Ivanka and Melania are having influence on the president."

The phrase "I really don't care. Do U?" was on the jacket Melania Trump wore to visit several young children separated from their families. According to CNN, Stephanie Gresham, the spokeswoman for Melania Trump, maintained that there was nothing to her jacket. However, the optics have told a different story.

Adding insult, the now infamous jacket is selling for nearly $1,000 on eBay, according to Fox News.

Melania Trump became the subject of much criticism for wearing the jacket. It is safe to add Ana Navarro's name on that list.

Digging into highly controversial discussions comes naturally for Ana Navarro. She has become one of CNN's most recognizable contributors over the past several years. Navarro, also a Republican strategist, has been staunch with her opinion of Donald Trump.

This time Ana Navarro was quick to point out that she feels Melania Trump was supposed to visit the border and not treat it as an opportunity to gain something from it. Navarro slamming Melania Trump's border visits, rendering them as photo ops, is the harshest criticism she has had for the first lady. Melania Trump is someone Ana Navarro has been sympathetic for in past discussions.

Ana Navarro typically saves her tough words for Donald Trump and she will go back to taking jabs at the president. However, Navarro felt the need to slam Melania Trump for taking advantage of a photo op when she should been concerned about the children separated from their families instead.