Donald Trump Tweets About Maxine Waters, Tells ‘Max’ To Watch Out In Post Perceived As A Threat By Many

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for Time

President Donald Trump and Representative Maxine Waters have never had a cozy relationship with one another. The Democratic California representative has called out the president on multiple occasions, saying she thinks he should be impeached. Then, she ruffled a lot of feathers by saying over the weekend that people should heckle those in his Cabinet when they are out like was recently done with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Now Trump is lashing out against Waters in a new tweet that has some angry and feeling concerned that he’s crossed a line.

In a post on Twitter Monday afternoon, President Trump called Rep. Maxine Waters “an extraordinarily low IQ person.” Many know that his comments about people having low IQs are fairly common, but he didn’t stop there when it came to lashing out against Waters. He went on to say that Maxine and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are the faces of the Democratic Party and that she should “Be careful what you wish for Max!”

While many Trump supporters were quick to praise his tweet trashing Waters, a fair number of others perceived it as a threat. As Bustle points out, Trump did nudge his supporters into physical action at times during his campaign, when he urged rally attendees to get protesters out of the rallies. At one point, he even said he would pay the legal fees for anyone who got into trouble in these types of situations. By telling “Max” to “be careful,” it is not a stretch to deduce that he’s calling for the same type of reaction that he encouraged against protesters during the campaign.

Some on Twitter noted that it didn’t seem very presidential of Trump to reply to Waters’ own ill-advised comments with a post like this, and many worried that this sounded like a retaliation threat. Others questioned how first lady Melania Trump’s “Be Best” campaign was going, alongside her previously-stated passion for working against bullying, given the continued posts like this on Twitter by the first lady’s husband.

It certainly did not go unnoticed by some that the president questioned a black woman’s IQ. In addition, some on Twitter pointed out that Waters had said nothing about Trump supporters. Rather, she urged people to verbally confront Cabinet members who were being dishonest about issues. A fair number of people on Twitter are hoping that the California Democrat files a report after the president’s tweet and some are noting that the representative may need security support to ensure she stays safe.

This latest tweet of Trump’s has reminded people of the comment he made at a campaign rally about Hillary Clinton. In one situation that alarmed many, he noted that there might be something fans of the Second Amendment could do if Clinton won and was appointing judges. As Mashable points out, then-candidate Trump frequently made comments at rallies that called for or suggested violence from his supporters toward protesters or critics and in some cases, his “MAGA” crowd seemed happy to follow through with his suggestions.

Given her history, it seems quite unlikely that “Auntie Maxine” will back down anytime soon when it comes to criticizing President Donald Trump or the actions of his Cabinet. At the same time, there’s little doubt that the president will continue to tweet criticisms and insults toward Rep. Maxine Waters, even ones that sound like they might be encouraging physical violence. Social media is on fire with this latest battle between Trump and Waters and it looks like it’s going to continue to heat up for a while.