NBA Rumors: Lakers Not Happy With Lonzo Ball’s Diss Track Against Kyle Kuzma, Says Ramona Shelburne

Harry HowGetty Images

Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers were among the NBA’s best rookies of the 2017-18 season, and, as one might expect from two teammates establishing themselves in the league at the same time, they’ve often engaged in lighthearted banter, not only in person, but also online, on various social media platforms. But reports suggest that the diss track Ball recorded and dedicated to Kuzma might have crossed the line, regardless of the intent behind the lyrics.

As explained by Lakers Nation, Lonzo Ball’s diss track “Kylie Kuzma,” which he released on Monday, took potshots at his fellow rookie, and went far beyond the former criticizing the latter’s shooting, as one line included a reference to Kuzma not having known his biological father. Sporting News suggested that the song might have been motivated by a video Kuzma recently posted on Bleacher Report, where he won the publication’s “Player Hater of the Year” award, and fired off a series of jokes aimed at the point guard.

While the New York Post wrote that Kuzma had a lighthearted response to the song, telling Ball via Instagram that he won’t let their “feud” resemble the one between rappers Drake and Pusha T, ESPN‘s Ramona Shelburne opined that the diss track may have been funny, but might have been too personal for the likings of the Lakers’ top brass.

“These are actual diss tracks with real production values that you’re spending time and energy on,” said Shelburne on Tuesday’s episode of The Hoop Collective, as quoted by Lakers Nation.

“It just doesn’t look all that professional. And it certainly doesn’t look all that serious for a young team that’s trying to position itself as a team that wants to win right now.”


Shelburne then mentioned that she had received text messages from her sources, letting her know that Lakers officials and others from outside the team “did a double take” upon hearing Lonzo Ball’s diss track.

Although the above statements suggest that Lakers officials are concerned about how Ball may be coming off as unprofessional by releasing such a loaded diss track, it’s not just Kyle Kuzma who appears to be taking things in stride. According to the Lonzo Wire blog on USA Today, the first-team All-Rookie forward’s mother seemed willing to move on, despite the sensitive lyrics about her son and his birth father.

“Everyone’s had their fun, now get back to work,” Karri Kuzma tweeted on Wednesday morning.