WWE Rumors: The nWo Could Return To WWE With New Members, According to ‘Wrestling News Source’

Any and all wrestling fans should know who the New World Order (nWo) was and why they’re important to the history of the sport. They are one of the greatest factions/stables to ever exist in professional wrestling and they dominated the “Monday Night Wars” for many years. Some formation of the group has been seen sparingly in WWE, but there are rumors now flying that they could end up returning with some new members.

According to Wrestling News Source, WWE has recently filed trademarks for the “NWO” along with “Skull King, “Woken Warrior, and the “Ultimate Warrior” symbol for merchandising purposes. At the same time, though, they filed a trademark for the nWo for “wrestling purposes.”

The faction made its debut in WCW at Bash at the Beach in 1996 when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash introduced Hulk Hogan as their third member. From there, the group grew to an enormous size and even split off into different versions as the years went on.

After WWE purchased WCW in 2001, the nWo fell apart before being built up again in 2002, but they didn’t last very long before disappearing again. Different members would join here and there, but it just never seemed to work as the superstars all fell into their own storylines.

In 2014 and 2015, the group made some special appearances and even showed up at WrestleMania, but now, another comeback may be on the horizon.

wwe rumors nwo return new stable faction members trademark

The legal documents filed by WWE state that the trademark filed for the nWo is one that will have many uses. It states that it will be used for fan club services along with commercial online services, but there is one line that stands out and is quite unique.

“Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer rendered live and through broadcast media including television and radio, and via the internet or commercial online service…”

That is a complicated way of saying that the “nWo” or “New World Order” has been trademarked in order to be used for wrestling purposes. It’s not known just how WWE plans on using the nWo and it could have been trademarked simply to keep anyone else from using it, but it certainly is quite intriguing.

Hulk Hogan has been rumored to return to WWE at some point, but there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever be on television again. Even if he does return to TV, it’s not a given that he’d be involved in some kind of storyline with the nWo.

Rumbling Rumors points out the idea that there could be an entirely new version of the New World Order arriving in WWE. Finn Balor has partnered with The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows) to form Balor Club at times while AJ Styles has teamed with them to become a short-lived version of The Club.

All four of those superstars have been members of the Bullet Club in the past which is a faction that has often been compared to the nWo.

wwe rumors nwo return new stable faction members trademark

Throughout its time in WCW, there were numerous versions and branches of the New World Order, and here are just some of them:

  • nWo – original
  • nWo Hollywood
  • nWo Wolfpac
  • nWo Elite
  • nWo B-Team
  • nWo Black & White
  • nWo 2000

That’s not even taking into account the Latino World Order, Blue World Order, Juggalo World Order, nWo Silver and Black, nWo Japan, and a host of others.

The only thing that’s been confirmed so far is that WWE has filed a trademark for the New World Order/nWo for commercial and wrestling purposes. Anything other than that is pure speculation and rumor, but one has to admit that it is interesting. It’s hard to believe that the company would file a trademark for the nWo for “wrestling purposes” unless something was going to happen inside the ring. Only time will tell if one of the most popular stables in history is brought back to life.