‘Little People, Big World’s’ Jackson Roloff Rushed To Urgent Care

Tori RoloffInstagram

Little People, Big World stars Zach and Tori Roloff had a bit of a medical issue over the weekend, as their son, Jackson Roloff, found himself in urgent care after what is believed to have been a minor arm injury. While it looks like baby J has recovered quickly, it also appears as if the young couple didn’t get the service they were expecting when they took their 1-year-old son to a Portland-area hospital on Saturday night.

In an Instagram Story posted late Saturday night, Tori Roloff explained that Jackson “might have dislocated his arm,” which led to the Little People, Big World couple having “quite the scare” a few hours before the post. Tori didn’t go into depth about what might have caused the injury, but she did include the caption “learning to walk is hard business for a 1-year-old” toward the end of the story, suggesting that Jackson might have had an accident of some sorts while trying to walk on his two feet.

The good news for Little People, Big World fans is that Zach and Tori’s baby J is now doing fine, albeit a little “sore” after his trip to urgent care. However, Tori Roloff’s Instagram Story also hints that she and Zach might not have gotten the assistance they were expecting in a timely manner, as it might have been throwing some subtle shade at the hospital they visited. There was no mention made about the exact hospital the couple had taken Jackson to after his arm was apparently dislocated.

“Also, general update to Portland peeps. If you want to go to urgent care, do it before 7, because apparently no one gets hurt after 7.”

As previously reported by UPI, Jackson Roloff turned 1-year-old a little more than three weeks ago, and while mother Tori appears to be moving on from the monthly updates she used to share on her firstborn’s progress, she continues updating her followers with regular photos and Instagram Stories featuring baby J. The most recent photo was shared on Instagram on May 26, and shows Jackson playing with a baby chick while exploring Roloff Farms with his parents.

Interestingly, a recent Instagram Story suggested that Tori might be interested in a new addition to the family, as she recently shared a photo of herself holding baby J and a friend’s child with the caption “I could definitely have a second child,” according to a report last month from the Inquisitr.