WWE News: Enzo Amore Disputes Reason Why WWE Supposedly Fired Him

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore commented on Wednesday about reports on why the WWE had fired him in January, claiming in a series of Twitter posts that he wasn’t even aware he was being investigated for sexual assault until his accuser went public with her allegations on social media.

In a reply to a Twitter follower who was stressing that there was no evidence Amore had behaved inappropriately in a Phoenix hotel room in October, Amore clarified that he was never contacted by Phoenix law enforcement authorities prior to WWE suspending him on January 22, or the day after, when he was released from his contract. Instead, he explained that his lawyers emailed police officials when the accusations went viral on January 22, wanting to know more about the situation.

“I hate to be the 1 to pull the nipple out of the baby’s mouth.. but NO. I WAS NOT CONTACTED ONCE BY THE POLICE BEFORE JAN. 22nd,” read a second tweet from Amore, reiterating his earlier point.

“Don’t believe my last tweet? Your [sic] an armchair detective? The police have an open line: call em & ask… they’ll call u back in 4 months.”

As noted by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Enzo Amore was fired from the WWE on January 23, supposedly because he did not inform WWE officials that he was being investigated for allegedly raping a Phoenix woman named Philomena Sheahan. The publication added that Enzo’s recent series of tweets, along with a recent statement from his lawyer, both suggest that the reason behind his release is incorrect, and that there might be other factors behind the 31-year-old wrestler and rapper’s firing.

Pro Wrestling Sheet also stressed that Phoenix authorities have yet to release the police report, or provide the publication with literature that contains additional details on the investigation, despite repeated requests over the past few months. These documents, Pro Wrestling Sheet opined, could be important in determining whether Amore’s claims are accurate or not.

With over four months having passed since Enzo Amore was released, and the investigation on the sexual assault allegations apparently over, the controversial ex-WWE superstar appears to be focusing on the next stage of his entertainment career.

Amore, who now goes by the name Real1 as a budding rapper, released a video for the diss track, “Phoenix,” on Monday, as a way of thanking the fans who had supported him during the course of the investigation. According to Cageside Seats, the song is essentially a response to the allegations made against him, with lyrics that don’t just call out his accuser, but also the wrestling fans, or “marks,” who immediately assumed his guilt when the allegations first spread on social media.

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