Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: Tim Tebow Could Return To The Team After Sam Bradford's Injury

The Philadelphia Eagles may have lost quarterback Sam Bradford for a long time, but rumors indicate that the team may be ready to move on with a familiar face --- Tim Tebow.

Bradford was injured in the team's 20-19 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. The loss dropped the Eagles to 4-5, but perhaps more damagingly it put Bradford's future in peril. Bradford was knocked out of the game in the third quarter with a shoulder injury and concussion, and though X-rays were negative, it's not clear how much time Bradford could miss while moving through the league-mandated concussion protocol.

Sam Bradford was replaced by Mark Sanchez, who struggled in relief duties, finishing 14 of 23 passes for 156 yards and a game-ending interception.

As ESPN noted, this was the latest in a long line on injuries for Bradford and all-too-familiar territory for the Philadelphia Eagles, who have a history of losing quarterbacks to injury.
"Bradford started his ninth regular-season game after missing all of 2014 and half of 2013 with two tears of his left ACL. Bradford missed 41 games during his five seasons with the St. Louis Rams."
"The sequence was very similar to one that happened just over a year ago for the Eagles. On Nov. 2, 2014, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was sacked from behind in Houston and broke his left collarbone, knocking him out for the season."
There are already rumors that the Philadlephia Eagles could be turning to their former quarterback, Tim Tebow, to provide some depth for however long Bradford happens to be out. Tebow made it to the final cut this preseason, and many believed he was a lock to make the team.Even though he failed to make the team, many believe Tebow is still highly regarded by the Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly. There also may have been a good reason for coach Chip Kelly to cut Tebow loose, even though he liked his play. Kelly likely knew that no other team in the NFL was going to be jumping on Tebow, so by cutting the former Heisman Trophy winner Kelly was essentially keeping in stowed away to be signed later as a free agent if needed.

It's not clear how much substance there is to these rumors. Tebow hasn't played a regular season game now in more than two full NFL seasons, and his skills have never fit the mold of a traditional quarterback.

But Tim Tebow could have several factors in his favor as well. He would already know the team's offense, so could step in without missing a step, and could be the best remaining choice among free agents. The only other choices at the moment include mostly aging players who have been out of the league for some time.

As Pro Football Talk noted when Colts quarterback Andrew Luck went down last week, pickings are slim.

"There's not much else out there at the moment, unless they want to bring in Ryan Mallett," the report noted, adding, "Guys like Jason Campbell and Rex Grossman have been NFL quarterbacks in the past, but there's no indication anyone else has shown any interest in them this season."

John Johnson is gone, having been signed by the Buffalo Bills when Tyrod Taylor was injured. Pass-around journeyman Matt Flynn is gone as well, having been picked up by the New Orleans Saints after Luke McCown went down with an injury.

Fans will likely known very soon how the Philadelphia Eagles rumors shake out. The team will learn more about the extent of Sam Bradford's injury on Monday, and if Tim Tebow is signed it would come not long after that.

[Picture by Rich Schultz/Getty Images]