‘Mad Men’ Hits Hawaii: First Look At Season 6 Photos

The first photos of Mad Men hitting Hawaii have just been released and it looks like Don and Megan Draper are treating themselves to a much-needed vacation.

Photos have leaked of stars Jon Hamm and Jessica Paré frolicking on a beach in Maui yesterday. Fans of the show know that this answers at least one cliffhanger from the Season Five finale. When we left Mad Men last season Don and Megan had seen better days. He ditched her while on a business trip, she used him to get a spot in a TV commercial, and in the final scenes of the finale Don hits the bar and has to stop and think when a beautiful woman asks if he is alone. Viewers were left without an answer as Don pondered the state of his marriage.

Judging by the Mad Men Hawaiian vacation photos just released on Huffington Post, Don and Megan are still together for at least part of Season Six, anyway. And perhaps in a last ditch effort to save their marriage they decided to take a vacation. It was a family trip to Disneyland that originally brought the two together, so perhaps this latest trip is a way to rekindle their old flame.

Deadline first announced getting wind of a planned Mad Men Season Six jaunt to Hawaii last week. Their sources have informed them the Hawaiian trip will be part of the premiere. Here’s hoping it won’t involve finding some sort of ancient taboo idol.

Are you excited for the premiere of Mad Men Season Six? How do you think a trip to Hawaii will change the Draper’s marriage?

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