Donald Trump, Jr., Like Ivanka, Slammed For Photos With Children While Immigrant Families Remain Separated

Unfortunately for the children of Donald Trump, something as simple as sharing a sweet picture of a treasured memory with their own children is met with heavy backlash and criticism. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Ivanka Trump was slammed after sharing what was merely a sweet photo of her cuddling her son. Hours later, Donald Trump, Jr. also received a great deal of backlash for sharing a photo just as sweet of himself and his children.

Yahoo News points out that while Donald’s Instagram post did contain a lot of comments praising him on his adorable family, and equally adorable children, many could not help but seize the opportunity to remind him of the nearly 1,500 children that the Department of Health and Human Services “may have misplaced.”

Both Ivanka and Trump, Jr. received comments on their posts, as well as tags on Instagram and Twitter, noting how great it must feel to have their children close and questioning how awful they would feel if they had no idea where their children were.

Donald’s Instagram post talked about the joys of having two children who wake him up at all hours of the night to play with him.

“Bedtime with these two monsters. Spencer and Chloe coming in for the sleepover with dad. Always fun till the 4am wake up for me to play with them.”

“You might want to find the 1,500 children that, because of your dad, are in my country and the government can’t find. How would you feel if you did not see your children for 7 months? Do something and take the terror away from the parents of those children. Thank You,” one user commented on his Instagram post.

There were some who supported Trump, Jr. noting that he should ignore the haters. One commenter even questioned what exactly the justification was for it being his – or Ivanka’s – fault. Some even commented on how “adorable” and “photogenic” his children were.

A quick glance at Donald’s Instagram shows he frequently posts pictures of his happy children. Unfortunately, a quick glance at the comments shows Trump is also frequently under fire for posting pictures of his children.

About 24 hours ago, Trump also posted a picture of his daughter sleeping noting, “And the smurf is out… I followed shortly after.” While this photo did receive a lot of comments complementing Donald on his commitment to his children, he also received a lot of criticism for posting a picture of his child in the first place. One commenter claimed that he shouldn’t post so many photos of his children, as he was putting them at risk. The same commenter also claimed he really should get permission before posting a photo of his sleeping child.

“How would you like to be asleep without your permission somebody is taking a picture of you these children are under a high security their pictures need to stop being posted to social media because you’re putting your children at risk.”

The backlashes that Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr. are receiving for posting photos of themselves and their children comes as a response to Jeff Sessions announcing a “zero tolerance” immigration policy in early May. This policy resulted in children as young as a year old being ripped from their parents’ arms and separated by a border.

Based on the comments in the photos, it appears as if many are holding Ivanka and Donald, Jr. responsible for their father’s presidency.