May 27, 2018
Ivanka Trump Slammed For Photo Cuddling Her Son, As Immigrant Parents Separated From Children At The Border

Sometimes something as simple as a picture cuddling with her son leads to backlash for President Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump.

On Sunday, the first daughter posted the image of herself and her 2-year-old son, Theodore, on her social media,drawing ire across the internet. According to a report from The Guardian, many people expressed outrage at the fact that while Ivanka Trump enjoyed time with her little boy, U.S. border agents are reportedly separating mothers from their children.

The mother-of-three's tweet included a picture of herself gazing lovingly into her son's eyes, which she captioned, "My <3! #SundayMorning."

People almost instantly began speaking out against the president's policy and calling out Ivanka on her Sunday morning tweet.

Until Jeff Sessions announced a "zero tolerance" policy in early May, families were kept together when they were suspected of trying to cross the border between the United States and Mexico illegally until their cases were resolved.

However, now, according to a representative of the Department of Homeland Security, that is not the case.

"Those apprehended will be sent directly to federal court under the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service, and their children will be transferred to the custody of Health and Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement."
Agents have taken children as young as 1-year-old from their parents under the new policy, and forcibly removed hundreds of children from their parents' care during the time it's been in place. Added to this policy of separating families, the United States also reportedly lost track of or misplaced 1,500 children who attempted to cross the border alone.
Considering those facts, many celebrities and others on social media felt the first daughter's tweet looked tone deaf at the very least. Mothers who were separated from their children implored Ivanka Trump to do something about her father's policy. People believe she's complicit in allowing the policy to remain as it is if she does not at least try to create change.

"This is so unbelievably tone deaf, given that public outrage is growing over young kids being forcibly ripped from the arms of their parents at the border – a barbaric policy that Ivanka Trump is complicit in supporting," former Democratic strategist Brian Klaas wrote.

According to the Daily Mail, Ivanka's controversial tweet came on the heels of another tweet praising her father, President Donald Trump, for welcoming home his second recently freed U.S, citizen in the past 17 days.

Last night, Donald Trump welcomed Joshua Holt and his family to the White House. Holt had spent nearly two years in prison in Venezuela after traveling to the country to marry his partner, Thamara Caleño.

While some may see her picture as a pure enjoyment of her son, others notice how privileged Ivanka Trump is to be able to spend her Sunday morning with her son when so many others have been forced apart by this administration's policies.