Boulder Crashes Into Woman’s Utah Home

St. George, UT – Over the weekend, 63-year-old Wanda Denhalter, was rousted from her sleep when a boulder barreled into her home. Wanda’s husband, Scot Denhalter, 62, was not home at the time.

The enormous rock, measuring 12 feet long, nine feet high, and nine feet wide, crashed into her bedroom at 3 am, breaking bother her jaw and sternum. Despite the severity of her injuries, Wanda managed to get help.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports, the couple had moved into the rental home in mid-December.

It is unclear what dislodged the boulder initially from the nearby hillside, but neighbors suspect a water leak from a ridge top home may have had something to do with it. Water can feed into the fissures and cracks of the ridge and with repeated freezing and thawing it can erode surrounding rocks. No one else was injured in the event.

Relieved that his wife is alright, Scot expressed guilt for being out of town (visiting his son), when it happened:

“I guess she heard the rumbling as it came down the hill and woke up. She rolled away from the oncoming noise to my side of the bed. If she had decided to swing her legs over the side of the bed and get up to investigate, it would have killed her. She stumbled around, probably in shock. She found her phone and called 911. I feel a bit guilty I wasn’t there.”

No reports as of yet if the house is a complete loss or the overall cost of the structural damages. Wanda is recovering from her injuries.