10 Children Rescued From California Home, Parents Arrested For Abuse And Torture

When police returned a 12-year-old child to his home in Fairfield, California, they found nine more children, ages 4 months to 11 years, living in what they described as "squalor and unsafe conditions." An investigation ensued and revealed years of "physical and emotional abuse." The children's mother, 30-year-old Ina Rogers, and father, 29-year-old Johnathan Allen, have been arrested and charged with child neglect, felony torture, and felony child abuse. All 10 children are in the protective custody of Solano County Child Welfare Services.

The situation in the home in the 2200 block of Fieldstone Court came to the attention of police officers when they returned a 12-year-old child to the residence after he had been reported missing on March 31. The Los Angeles Times reports that officers were concerned about the safety of the children, so they conducted a search of the home. Authorities described the living conditions of the house as "squalor" and "unsafe." The mother was arrested then and charged with child neglect, but it was Friday before Allen was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony abuse and six counts of felony torture.

Authorities say that their investigation revealed years of both physical and mental abuse of the children. Fox News reports that the children have indicated the criminal activity goes back to 2014. Lieutenant Greg Hurlbut described trash, spoiled food, and both animal and human feces spread about the house. Ina Rogers is denying the charges and says that her home was in such disarray when officers brought her 12-year-old home because she was so distraught. She says that he ran away out of rebellion and that whole situation was being blown out of proportion. She described herself as an "amazing mother."

Lt. Hurlbut provided some details of evidence of abuse that he had witnessed. He described burns and puncture wounds as well as bruises that are consistent with those that would occur from being shot with a pellet or BB gun. Authorities report that the children have described incidents of "intentional abuse." All 10 children shared one bedroom, a sleeping arrangement that their mother said is what they wanted. She also defended her husband, saying that people make incorrect assumptions about him because of his tattoos.