Detroit Investigators Dig For Bodies Of Missing Children Where Arthur Ream Left A Shallow Grave

According to the Detroit News, excavation resumed earlier today for six possible murder victims, potentially buried in a mass grave. Upon receiving a tip, investigators began digging for any and all information regarding the victims, as well as their remains. “Warren police, Macomb County Sheriff’s deputies, Michigan State Police and FBI agents” were all involved in the search, reopening several cold cases for missing children.

William Dwyer, Warren police commissioner, told the press that the investigators believe there are several bodies buried in the vicinity of 23 Mile and North Avenue roads. Detroit investigators are also searching cold cases, which include a 12-year-old girl who went missing in Warren nearly 40 years ago. Dwyer stated that a search of this magnitude may take several days to complete.

The location of the excavation is the same area where convicted child killer Arthur Ream buried 13-year-old Cindy Zarzycki after he kidnapped and killed her more than 30 years ago. Although the information surrounding the search is limited, CNN reported that the investigation has unearthed some things that make them “cautiously optimistic” that they are “on the right track.” Dwyer did not elaborate on their investigative findings.

As part of the investigation, officers interviewed Ream, who is serving a life sentence in prison on the other side of the state for killing Zarzycki. The police commissioner stated that Ream was administered a polygraph and failed during the visit. He did not divulge the type of questions asked when speaking with Zarzycki’s killer.

Although not much was revealed about the interview with Ream himself, it was announced that he is known as a prison braggart. Rumors circulated the prison yard about the young girls that Ream murdered and buried in shallow graves.

Investigators have used the information from these other inmates to piece together a case. They have, as a result, reopened cold cases involving six girls. Authorities are now using earthmoving equipment in hopes of unearthing the remains of these missing children.

Investigators are using two backhoes to vigilantly overturn the fields near where Arthur Ream led Eastpointe police 10 years ago. Federal recovery specialists have plotted strips in grids. The dig site will eventually take over nearly 24 acres of wheat field.

When asked about the search for bodies, Police Commissioner Dwyer did have the following to say.

“Based on our information, we believe he chose to bury these other teen girls in the same general area. I would describe Ream as a serial rapist and killer.”

Dwyer added, “Everything that happened with these victims fits the profile of our suspect. We are cautiously optimistic that we will, unfortunately, find remains.”